A Guide to Select Best Inverter for Home in India

A Guide to Select Best Inverter for Home in India

A Guide to Select Best Inverter for Home in India

Every household whether new or existing is incomplete if it doesn’t have a reliable power backup. And the central processing part of that backup is Power Inverter. Do you know what are the features of an ideal home inverter UPS? There are huge variety of inverter in market, but how would you know which one fits your bill?

Whenever you visit a website or walk-in a store – you are spoiled by the choices but as a consumer its important you take an informed decision. All Inverters are not same, and you should choose only that inverter which fits your lifestyle.

In the below Inverter Guide we will help you find the ideal home inverter which will address all your needs from running appliances, heavy loads and keeping your appliances safe during a power cut.

Inverter – It is not just a power box – it’s much more!

Check the battery selection switch at the back of Luminous Inverter. At the back of Luminous Inverter there is a switch which lets you to select the inverter operations basis the selected battery type. Choose the option according to the type of battery attached with the inverter. Refer below table for the same:

Do you know you can keep home inverter in your living room, that too wall mounted- as a next cool gadget! Yes, you read it right. Otherwise considered a not so appealing in looks, an inverter is usually kept at the farthest corner of the house but with advancement in aesthetics, now there are models which can be kept in living room and you can actually flaunt it as well.

Do you know an inverter can be operated via mobile phone? Do you also know your inverter can tell you that when the next power cut will happen? No, it is not the next world technology but we now have intelligent inverters which can talk to you and can give important insights which can help you plan your day better with just a tap on your mobile phone. Luminous a market leader in power backup industry, has been working on advanced technologies to offer inverters which can make consumers daily life easy and create a “khushiyon ka ghar”

There are primarily 5 categories of inverters which are offered to consumer of every taste. So, choose the best inverter for your home according to your needs:

•    High Capacity Inverters – designed to run heavy loads

•    Integrated Inverters – designed for aesthetics and integrated inverter battery combo .

•    Inverter with connectivity – advanced technology connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

•    Premium Inverter – Most intelligent Home UPS

•    Standard Inverter – Perfect package of affordability and performance

High Capacity Inverters – Inverter to Run Heavy Appliances

If your household or offices are subject to power cut and run-on heavy appliances like – Air conditioners, heavy appliances like: deep freezers, big refrigerators then Luminous High-Capacity Inverters are must have. An efficient power backup solution that ensures low maintenance and high reliability while being an excellent alternative to polluting diesel generators is the HKVA or high-capacity inverter. Luminous offers a range of iCruze super inverters that offer high-quality, consistent power backup solutions for office running and sensitive equipment. The iCruze range of the best inverters in India comes in 2.8 KVA to 12.5 KVA in various VA ratings. The number of batteries used in the iCruze range depends on the voltage level at which inverter is designed to operate.

Integrated Inverters – When Style and Performance Matters

Looking for some uber cool design that can be subject of discussion in your friend circle and neighbourhood? Look no further, Luminous offer stylist integrated inverter – Regalia Series. This inverter is integrated with battery in a one common in-separable compartment. It is powered by low maintenance integrated Li-ion battery. Unlike bulky, dated inverters, the Regalia inverter series’ ultra-modern design is so stylish that you can proudly show it off in your drawing-room. With any interior, the contemporary look of the best home inverter goes so well. Their environmentally safe batteries are highly efficient. These can last up to ten years and are completely sealed and virtually maintenance-free.

Connected Inverter – For the Mobile Generation – When Style and Performance Matters

In this connected world, where you can switch on your car with a tap on mobile, why should home inverter stay behind? Luminous connected inverters are for people who always want to stay ahead. With connected inverter series it is possible to monitor the functioning of these inverters for home use through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. The models under these series are .

a) Zelio Wi-Fi

SKU: Zelio Wifi 1700 & Zelio Wifi 1100
Zelio WiFi is India’s smartest power inverter with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you monitor the power situation at your home on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world! They offer real-time data contact in terms of backup, percent load running on the inverter, battery charge percent, input voltage, etc., You also get state-of-the-art features such as digital display which shows power backup and battery charging continuously

b) Zelio- i

SKU: Zelio 1100i & Zelio 1700i
Zelio-i is powered by Bluetooth connectivity and lets you control the power inverter with its iControl feature in addition to data monitoring using a smartphone app. The inverter cost is efficient and helps in energy saving.

  • High Power mode
  • Holiday mode
  • Performance optimization mode

The mobile application available on IOS and Google playstore can be easily downloaded on the smartphone and connected with the inverter to monitor performance statistics of your inverter battery

Premium Inverter – Where performance and technology are class apart!

Zelio+ Series

SKU: Zelio+ 1100 & Zelio+ 1700i
Zelio+ series inverter are most intelligent Home UPS with 32bit DSP processor. This inverter in India for home offers real-time data communication in terms of backup, percent battery charge, input voltage, etc. via an intuitive LCD monitor. Zelio + inverter series is an ideal Premium inverter series with modern design and sate of the art features.

Standard Inverters – When it’s all about performance

Eco Volt & Eco Watt Series

These inverters are excellent on performance and efficiency

Eco Volt
This is a pocket friendly pure Sine wave inverter. Available from 600VA to 1500VA

SKU Volt Ampere
Eco Volt 650 600 VA
Eco Volt 750 650 VA
Eco Volt 850 700 VA
Eco Volt 1050 900 VA
Eco Volt 1550 1400 VA
Eco Volt 1650 1500VA with 2 batteries/td>

In this you can run load upto 1400 VA with single battery.

Eco Watt
This series is an affordable modified square wave series. Available from 300VA to 1500VA

SKU Volt Ampere
Eco Watt 350 600 VA
Eco Watt 650 650 VA
Eco Watt 750 700 VA
Eco Watt 850 900 VA
Eco Watt 950 1400 VA
Eco Watt 1650 1500VA with 2 batteries/td>
Eco Watt 1650 XL Rapid 1650 1500VA with 1 battery/td>

You can run load upto 1500VA using single battery.

This was a quick round-up of all the inverters available for every taste. Choose the widest range of inverters for your home and offices and buy now from https://www.luminousindia.com/