Fans: An aesthetic part of the living room decor

Fans: An aesthetic part of the living room decor

Fans: An aesthetic part of the living room decor which we tend to ignore but shouldn't!

Imagine you are working on getting your living room remodeled. After a lot of back and forth, you have finally created a consensus among your family members on the right shade of the wall paint. You have scoured city markets for days to find the furniture and decor pieces for the corners you really wanted. Everything seems to be falling in place. And then you realize you haven’t thought about the ceiling fan that’s going to occupy the centre of the room.

This situation is not uncommon. Ceiling fans tend to be the most overlooked aspect when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing room. For decades, the structural design and style of Ceiling fanshas more or less remained the same in India. Even interior designers have shied away from recommending fans at all.

However, that’s changing with consumers demanding variety in fans to go along with the diversity in interior decor. Luminous fansturn to out to be game-changers in this aspect.

Luminous fans across the board have been created keeping aesthetics in mind. You can take a look at some of them here. Fans don’t have to be boring devices that remain out of sight and out of sync with your overall design.

To make sure your fan doesn’t seem out of place in a well-designed room, it makes sense to invest some time to find the right fit. Here are some factors to consider when you are purchasing a ceiling fan:

Overall design

Primarily, is it dull and boring without any character? Plain fans in a single color without any distinct pattern can easily ruin your carefully crafted design. So it’s important to choose a fanwith an aesthetically pleasing design. Would the fan seamlessly blend with how your room looks? A fan with a flashy design would stick out as a sore thumb in a minimalist design decor.


The color is as important as the color of the walls. Think if you want your fan to blend in with the surroundings or stand out. Different styles of decor demand different outcomes. See if the color is soothing or vibrant. Does it evoke a particular reaction? Does the finish go well with your decor?

Integrated LED lighting

Fans with integrated LED lightingare a trend that’s really picking up. This helps the fan serve a dual purpose and deliver efficient lighting. Think how overhead lighting would complement your decor and how much area the lighting would be able to cover. Luminous fans come with a 5-step remote-controlled light dimmer that makes it possible to create the perfect mood for every occasion.

It’s always good to go through a number of choices before you decide on the fan you want. The simplest of Luminous fans come in vibrant colors that you would love to flaunt. They also come in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for something to go with a neat and clean style or something more indulgent to go along with your luxurious interiors, there’s something for everyone. Check out the Signature Rangecreated for those interested in a sophisticated and refined look for their rooms.

You can find the perfect fan for your room by going through the range here

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