How to assemble table fan

How to assemble table fan

Quick steps to assemble your Luminous table fan

As you all know the sole purpose of a table fan is to provide direct cooling and nothing does it better than the Luminous table fan. Now a table fan can be placed anywhere at your home where you need it the most. Assembling a Luminous table fan is as easy as placing it. So, let’s get down to the quickest steps to assemble your brand-new Luminous table fan.

Assembling Instructions:

STEP 1: Unboxing

Open the box and place all the parts individually so you can have a good look at what goes where. You will find a motor stand, bottom base, guards with rings, and the blades.

Step 2: Dismantling Screws

Remove the screws first from the bottom base in order to fit it into the motor stand. Make sure that the switches are fitted through the bottom base in an ascending order.

Step 3: Assembling Screws

Now fit the screws back into the bottom base in order to keep the motor stand intact with the bottom base.

Step 4: Assembling Blade Nut & Guard Nut

You will find a blade nut and a guard nut at the centre of the motor stand. Loosen the blade nut in clockwise direction and the guard nut in an anti-clockwise direction. Separate the both from each other.

Step 5: Tightening Guard Nut

The fix the guard to the motor and tighten the guard nut into it. Make note of two things, one that the guard is fit in well with the extruders of the motor and second that the handle on the guard is facing upwards.

Step 6: Placement of Blade

Now comes the turn of the blade. Place the blade through the shaft pin of the motor and ensure that blade groove is fixed in the motor shaft pin groove.

Step 7: Tightening of Blade

Tighten the blade nut in anti-clock direction, back into the shaft pin and attach the front guard to the back guard with the help of the guard ring.

Step 8: Tightening of Guards

Use the screw to tighten the two guards.

Operating Instructions:

•    The table fan’s speed can be controlled by switches on the fan base. 0 is off, 1 is low, 2 is medium and 3 is high speed.

•    To oscillate the fan, you can push the oscillation knob behind the fan. To stop oscillation, you can pull the knob up.

•    To bring the airflow upwards, you can pull the fan down from behind accordingly.

•    If the fan’s neck has a knob, you can loosen or tighten it to adjust the direction of the airflow.

Now there you have your new Luminous table fan assembled in just no time and at complete ease! So, switch it on and get ready to be cooled.

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