How to Choose the Best Inverter with Battery for Your Home?

How to Choose the Best Inverter with Battery for Your Home?

How to Choose the Best Inverter with Battery for Your Home?

From air conditioners, to refrigerators, your home houses an array of appliances you would want to run 24*7. You are not alone, there are millions like you whose day to day lives rely on the smooth functioning of these appliances.

With this heavy demand for electricity, the only imaginable consequence is frequent power cuts. Power cuts can be a huge convenience for many as they can disrupt day to day activities. That’s why most homeowners are on the lookout of good-quality inverter with battery that can help them combat power cuts.

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If you are someone, who is looking for an inverter with battery for home, but don’t know where to begin, Luminous is here to help you:

Tips to Choose Inverter:

  1. Calculate your Power Requirements:


Choosing an inverter with battery involves a good amount of consideration. You cannot pick just any inverter with battery without considering your power requirements.

Every appliance runs on a certain amount of power, that is measured in Watts.

Power requirement refers to the total of the energy consumed by these appliances You have to calculate the total of the energy required by the appliances you want to operate during a power cut.


In case you find the calculation complex or are not aware of the power consumed by the appliances, feel free to use our load calculator to make your calculations easy.


  1. Check the Inverter’s VA Rating:


Once you are done calculating the total power requirements, you have to calculate the VA rating. VA Rating stands for Volt Ampere (VA) rating and is a measurement of power supplied to the appliances.


To calculate the VA rating of your inverter, you have to divide the power requirement by the power factor.

Conventionally, alternator kVA ratings have a 0.8 power factor. This means, you have to divide your power requirements by 0.8 (as the power factor) to calculate your ideal VA rating.


Tips to Choose Inverter Battery:

An inverter relies on an inverter battery for power. So, when you are buying an inverter, there is no way you can neglect choosing the right inverter battery to get a streamlined supply of power to run your basic as well as necessary appliances.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose your ideal inverter battery:

  1. Find the Ideal Inverter Battery Capacity:


Your ideal inverter battery capacity depends on your power requirements, VA Rating and back up hours. As we have already discussed how to calculate power requirements and VA rating of the inverter, we will be telling you about the backup hours that determine your inverter battery capacity.


Back up hours refer to the duration you would want your inverter to supply you power during an outage. So, if you want a back up for 3 hours, you will have to multiply your power requirement by this figure.


Hypothetically, if your power requirement is 550 Watts, multiply it by 3.



Next, divide it by the battery voltage – 12V


The final calculation would be:




= 137.5 Ah


You can find multiple inverter batteries with a battery capacity of 100 Ah,150 Ah, 180 Ah in the market. Pick the ones that is proximate to the figure you calculate.  According to the above calculation 150 Ah inverter battery would be ideal for you.


Still Finding Picking Inverter and Inverter Battery Complex?


We understand picking the best inverter for home with battery can get complex. So why not buy an inverter-battery duo instead? We offer an array of inverter with battery duos to meet your power needs. The combination products are curated to keep compatibility in mind to ensure optimum performance.

Here are some of the best inverter with battery you can buy:


  • Regalia Series: Inverter with Integrated Lithium Batteries


Integrated with Lithium batteries, Regalia Series offer unmatched performance with 15% higher efficiency, 3X longer life, and 3X faster charging.

Featuring Smart-wi-Fi support, and premium design, the inverters demand no

no maintenance. In addition to this, the inverters do not carry any hanging wires, ensuring safety for pets and children.


Li-ON 1250: A Smart Inverter with Built-in Battery


Luminous Li-ON 1250 is a next-gen sine wave inverter with in-built Lithium ion battery. It is compact, safe and efficient power solution designed to offer unparallel performance and a stellar look. Powered by a Battery Management system (BMS) for efficient performance and an LCD display to show crucial performance statistics, this inverter-battery duo is the ideal solution for all your household needs.


Shop our range of power solutions and embrace innovation like never before!



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