Know-How to Save Electricity and Reduce Carbon Footprint with Solar Energy (H1)

Know-How to Save Electricity and Reduce Carbon Footprint with Solar Energy

The continuous depletion of non-renewable energy is a matter of concern. But when we refer this in the context of Sun, for that matter, the energy is infinite; however, the increasing global warming is causing more harm than ever now. The excess emission of greenhouse gas, increasing carbon footprint, and the exhaustion of fossil fuels is wreaking havoc on the planet. 

As the concerns are serious, people are now gradually shifting towards solar panels to generate electricity for their homes or commercial purposes. People are focusing now on how to save electricity at home. There is no doubt that a solar system will help save electricity consumption and reduce your electricity bills. This is a proven method of electricity generation and the least carbon-intensive technology. 

Receiving the green signal from the government, the low carbon-emission technology is becoming an important part of all the households. However, one of the biggest challenges people face with the solar system is when there’s less sunlight available during the monsoon season. But in a tropical country, where sunlight is available in abundance, solar energy is a bane. Here’s how to save electricity at home by using a solar system. 

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How Does Solar Energy Work? 

Solar power is channelized by using solar photovoltaic technology, mainly PV technology. Via this, the sunlight is converted into electricity with the help of semiconductors. 

When the sun rays fall on the semiconductor in the PV cell, the freed electrons are collected by the bus bars, resulting in an electric current. 

When the solar panels are fixed in a place where they receive ample sunlight, it produces Direct Current. However, maximum of the home appliances uses an alternating current, hence, the solar inverter available in solar system helps in converting Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC).

There are three types of solar systems- 

  1. On-grid solar power system

  2. Off-grid solar power system

  3. Hybrid solar power system 

How to Save Electricity at Home Using Solar Products?

A few decades back, people never imagined that they could reduce their electricity bills by opting for solar panels. Earlier, they were only for commercial purposes, but with advanced technology, these solar panels can now easily be installed at home and can help in saving electricity immensely. 

Here are a few ways how you save electricity at home using a solar system to help you in reducing your carbon footprint and save electricity. 

  1. Install a solar system at your home 

The free power source is available throughout the year in tropical climatic areas. The one-time investment will benefit you throughout life. There will be zero increase in electricity bills, no load shedding, and no power cuts. 

A powerful solar system with the right set-up where it receives ample sunlight will benefit you and help cut down on electricity bills entirely. 

  1. Benefits from the government 

Various subsides and offers by central and state governments on solar panels and other solar products to promote the installation of solar systems in the homes. It also helps the government save money, and the extra energy production contributes to less pollution.

  1. The tropical climate will benefit you most

In maximum portions of the country, the sun shines brightly for a longer duration. If you install solar panels, you can convert that light into electricity. If the battery gets fully charged or exported to the grid. Solar systems will be extremely convenient during the power outage, especially during summer. 

  1. Higher return on investment 

A solar system from a quality brand will easily last for more than 25 years. Once installed, you can easily save on your bill as the maximum parts of the country receive sunlight each day, charging up the solar system. This is a one-time instalment that you can reap benefits from for such a long duration. 

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You can use the solar calculator to help you figure out key elements such as savings on electricity bills, suitable PV system size, return on investment, installation area, power generation, and the impact. Now that you know how to save electricity at home contribute your share to saving the planet by emitting a lower carbon footprint and saving electricity.