Know More About the Benefits of Voltage Stabilizers

Know More About the Benefits of Voltage Stabilizers

Know More About the Benefits of Voltage Stabilizers"

A voltage stabilizer has become a necessity for every home today. A voltage stabilizer ensures the home appliance gets the desired power for optimum functioning. It is an asset to protect all electronic goods in your household with a better response to voltage fluctuations. The lack of a voltage stabilizer at home can cause overvoltage that might result in permanent damage to appliances and other problems, over-heating and a decrease in productivity.

Now that you know about the importance of a voltage stabilizer, it is imperative to buy a suitable one for your needs. We, at Luminous, provide affordable, reliable and premium stabilizers that can effectively cater to your requirements. A voltage stabilizer is crucial to keep equipment running and in good condition.

Be it your home, office or any other place; electricity is a great necessity. A voltage stabilizer ensures safety and secure power supply for proper functioning of devices anywhere.

• Efficiency even under adverse conditions

If the voltage of a specific electrical appliance is above or below the desired levels, several problems can occur. A voltage stabilizer is needed for the smooth and constant functioning of devices and keeps voltage intact. The main purpose of a voltage stabilizer is to provide constant voltage to a load even during voltage fluctuations.

• Avoid permanent damage to appliances

Every electric device at your place is designed in a way that works correctly under different levels of voltage. Frequent or recurring voltage fluctuations can result in equipment damage permanently and may affect the wiring of your house too. A voltage stabilizer acts as a protective shield and reduces chances of malfunction. It also helps increase the life of various appliances. Installing a voltage stabilizer is essential to protect expensive electrical appliances such as Air Conditioners, television, refrigerator and computers.

Voltage Stabilizer Range at Luminous

We, at Luminous, offer a range of power backup solutions, including efficient voltage stabilizers for home. Our reliable range of stabilizers ensures that the oscillations in electrical power’s output maintain a stable value and prevents equipment damage.

You can choose from the following:

• AC Stabilizers

Air conditioners are sensitive appliances that require an efficient voltage stabilizer to regulate the voltage output perfectly. Our Tough X Silverline range ensures the safe functioning of air conditioners in your home through its efficiency combined with the latest technology.

• Refrigerator & TV Stabilizers

Refrigerators have an extensive voltage range, but they are unprotected from voltage surges. Therefore, a voltage stabilizer is always needed for your refrigerator stabilizer’s proper functioning. With our Tough X Silverline refrigerator range, you can ensure short circuit protection and broad input voltage. A voltage stabilizer for television makes sure voltage surges do not damage your precious television and regulates safe power output to protect it throughout.

• Mainline Stabilizers

If you use lights, fans and any other electrical devices on low voltage, it reduces the performance and life of the equipment. Our mainline stabilizers is designed to protect your entire home from a constant low voltage supply and provides uninterrupted mains power. We are known for our reliable products that ensure regulated and safe voltage output with advanced DGR technology and Intelligent i-start feature. So, make sure your home equipment is protected with the right voltage stabilizer.

Features of Luminous Stabilizers:

1. Microprocessor based systems

2. Milky white premium white Metal design

3. Automatic high and low cut off

4. DGR Tech – Stabilizer can function even on generator or Inverter supply

5. Zero Crossing Tech – Prevents voltage shocks to connected devices

6. I-Start Technology – Intelligently starts the appliance to prevents mains overload and protecting the equipment from repeated fluctuations and frequent power failures, ensuring longer life of the device

At Luminous, we take pride in our network of more than 100 company serviced centers and nearly 190 authorized service points. We have more than 1400 field professionals serving 4200+ locations in India to deliver efficient power solutions for all your requirements.

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