Lamp Scholars - Advanced Mentoring Programme

Lamp Scholars - Advanced Mentoring Programme

Luminous Advanced Mentoring Programme - Lamp Scholars


Luminous Power, as the name suggests has been a trailblazer in the power, electrical and alternate energy sector through its remarkable range of products. It is a well established household brand, ensuring market access to both urban and rural households. The brand evokes values of being innovative, solutions oriented and dependable.

Extending these values, the purpose is to bend the brand as a response to the emerging new world of interconnectedness and free markets. Young people will dominate this market. Whilst power, electrical and energy is long associated with masculinity and maleness, LUMINOUS identifies that women are the harbingers of change in the new world. Luminous aims to bend its brand and all it stands for, to be the inspiring name for increasing the number of women who associate their choice, freedom and power with the power industry as a whole.

The Need

Highest number of girls drop out of school between the ages of 15 to 18 and are most likely married before 18, bearing children before 20, negatively impacting the country’s GDP This coincides with the secondary education years as noted in national government and private studies.

There are numerous reasons leading to this. Evidence points to three key factors :

  • Lack of safety in schools
  • Poor motivation to make financial investment in girl child’s education after the girl passes through the government’s mandate of right to free and basic education between 6 to 14 years
  • Absence of an environment outside the immediate school such as coaching centers, trained tutors, peer role models that will encourage girls to persevere for their education.

In light of the above, this project will meet a critical gap between basic and professional education for girls. The final goal of the project is to facilitate girls’ entry into colleges and professional institutions after they are 18 years of age, by constantly mentoring them through the preceding four years.


Luminous is positioned as a contemporary brand, that responds to the globalised world by redefining the narrative around ‘powering choice’. Young women today make choices for their education, career, money, assets and life!

The CSR investments of the company results in mainstreaming ethical, sustainable business value returns.The project will scale up incrementally starting at the plant and corporate locations of Luminous and extending to include locations of group companies in the first five years. After the pilot, LAMP can be scaled up in identified and prioritised cities


The project is built around girls in secondary education who have a strong intent of pursuing higher education. Talented, aspirational girls coming from poor and ultra poor families will benefit through the L.A.M.P

Key Features of L.A.M.P Scholars are:

A minimum of 25 Scholars are selected for financial assistance for 4 year period from class 9 to class 12 based on following criterion:

  • The student must be from a government school
  • Is a student of class 9 having secured 60% or more in class 8
  • Classified below poverty line
  • Having toilets at home
  • Successfully passes L.A.M.P screening test

Financial Support:

  • Scholarships to be offered for additional coaching in subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Computers, Accountancy, Business studies, own Adhaar Card and Bank Account.

Non financial Support:

  • An individual education mentor who will guide and sustain the LAMP journey on a more practical level is assigned to the scholars
  • To facilitate leadership and ecosystem builders qualities, the scholars are exposed to various life skill and personality shaping programmes
  • Career counselling, guidance and facilitation for higher technical education is offered in order to open a wider world of opportunities and enhance their choice making skills
  • Taking the male members of the family along the journey of a woman’s empowerment will serve as a primary step to change the immediate world
  • Local communities value L.A.M.P scholars so community pledging events are organized
  • The scholars are constantly motivated and encouraged to dream big by exposing them to various young and inspirational achievers from different walks of life
  • A life of poverty in not confined to receiving charity. Everyone has something to give back to the nation and its people.To build social consciousness and collective citizenship, the scholars are introduced to the “ Gift of giving back”

At the individual level :
25 scholars at the end of four years enter professional courses

At the community level :
Public private partnership of a corporate house powering the country’s three priority missions:
Beti Padhao Beti Bachao
Swacch Bharat, Swasth Bharat
Skilling India

At the sectoral level :
Luminous leads the L.A.M.P Scholar FUND, managing a larger shared CSR vision of powering choice. Multiple investors (individuals, companies and associations) contribute towards the L.A.M.P Scholar FUND

At the national level :
At least 80 LAMP scholars (80% success rate) break into the open competitive world of education, aspiration and achievement in turn becoming role models for thousands of young girls and boys!

The Journey ahead....

The L.A.M.P initiative by Luminous Power is the first step that has kindled the flame of empowering the nation by illuminating several lives. It started with 25 such scholars taking an oath in 2016 with a promise to reach out to the less fortunate and work towards making this nation a better place. With a vision so powerful and a determination this strong, the journey ahead surely promises a bright future!

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