Plan ahead with Zelio WiFi to tackle power cuts

Plan ahead with Zelio WiFi to tackle power cuts

Plan ahead with Zelio WiFi so that power cuts don’t cut short your plans

Making plans with power cuts can be annoying. You might be planning to catch a movie in the evening. But after coming home, you realize that the inverter battery is now out of charge as it was used up during a long power cut during the day.

What if you could check the status of your inverter right from your phone and plan accordingly? Though this seems possible, until recently, no product in the market offered such convenience. Now Luminous is bringing this convenience to you with Zelio WiFi

You might have realized the fact that even though smartphones and digital devices seem to be getting smarter, so many home appliances haven’t really caught up. Most of them do not allow you remote access or are not even connected to the internet in any form. However, now that’s set to change with smart electrical appliances like Zelio Wifi.

It goes beyond what most other inverter models are able to do because of the fact that it has Wi-Fi connectivity and a mobile app. With a mobile phone connected to the internet, you can check available backup time, battery charge, running load, voltage and other key information about Zelio WiFi no matter where you are.

The pure sine wave inverter is a smart appliance that provides you data and insights about your power back-up system in a very accessible manner. It comes with a 32-bit processor and is also safe for use with sensitive appliances. It is able to track trends in power cuts and tell you about the same. When there’s a power cut, the inverter seamlessly switches over and has a noiseless operation for minimal disturbance. You’ll receive a mobile notification about the same. You can also easily check battery health by running a small test with the app itself.

The process to accessing Zelio WiFi on your smartphone is also very simple and not too different from setting up any other mobile app. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. After downloading the app, you just have to get Zelio WiFi connected to the network of your choice, add battery, register your mobile number, create your profile and you are good to go! You can also choose to add up to 5 five people to access your Zelio WiFi data. Thus, all family members can stay up to date with the power backup situation at home.

Rest assured, with Zelio Wifi, nothing has to get in the way of you and your plans.