What is On Grid Solar System? Benefits, and Advantages (H1)

What is On Grid Solar System? Benefits, and Advantages

We are stepping into a future that is filled with a million possibilities. To be specific, here we are using the sun as a source of energy. Solar energy has only progressed in the past few years and has now become a sought-after source of energy given the fact that it is present in abundance. So much so, that we can never run out of solar energy even if our power requirements increase ten-fold.

All the reasons why, it is being used by residential, educational, industrial, and commercial establishments as their central source of power.

Today, we’ll be learning what is on grid Solar System, its functioning and its advantages:

What is On Grid Solar System?

If you don’t know what is on grid solar system, here’s an explanation to help you. An on grid solar system also called a grid-tied solar system, is the most extensively employed type of rooftop solar system across the world. These systems do not require batteries, instead are linked to the utility grid power.

In case a customer requires additional power, the power can be utilized from the grid. If the customer’s energy requirement is less than power generated from the solar system, excess solar units are exported to the grid through a ‘Net-meter’’.

Net-meter is an equipment that records the energy supplied to the grid and the energy extracted from it. At the close of every month, the net energy that is utilized is recorded and the consumer is given an invoice. This feature makes the on grid solar system an ideal investment with high returns.

How On grid Solar System Works?

Now that we know what is on grid solar system, let’s understand how on grid solar system works.

An on grid solar system generates electricity just like other types of solar systems. However, in an on grid solar system, the system is connected to the local grid.

An on grid solar power system supplies your home with electricity in the presence of the sun. The placement of solar panels on the roof absorbs maximum sunlight to convert it into solar power. This energy generated in Direct Current (DC) form goes through the inverter to get converted into Alternating Current (AC).

Benefits of On Grid Solar System

Now that we know what is on grid solar system, there are several benefits of on grid solar system

1.  Huge Reduction in Electricity Bills

In the presence of a net meter, the consumer is only supposed to pay for the surplus electricity that is consumed by them. This ensures that the bill produced every month is slashed drastically.

2. Maintenance is Easy

Now that we have established what is on grid solar system, we know that it doesn’t use batteries. Elimination of batteries has made maintenance convenient and effortless.

4. Better Rate of Return

As you can utilize the solar energy generated to run your home appliances, your monthly electricity bills will reduce and hence get a better rate of return.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Not all sources of energy are environmentally friendly. They leave behind a carbon footprint, which is only harmful to the environment. However, with an on-grid solar system, this issue is solved.

The environmental benefits that an on-grid solar power system offers are the pivotal reasons why one must consider getting an on-grid solar system. An on-grid solar system reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the need for fossil fuels, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.

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