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Always relied on an electrician or an interior designer to select switches for your home? Tired of seeing the same old boring switches and bulky switch boards around in your homes? Whatever be the reason, it is very necessary to first understand what kind of switches must one have around in the home. Let us help you out with some frequently asked questions to make selection easier.

1. Why should you install modular switches in your homes?
Modular switches have 4 important features that are perfect for every home which are given in detail below:

  • Safety : Luminous modular switches are made from fire retardant material. All sockets are shuttered to avoid accidental contact of your kids with any live electrical parts. All switches and sockets are ISI marked and follow international safety standards.
  • Long lifespan: Modular switches generally have a longer lifespan than regular non modular or semi modular switches. Infact Luminous modular switches are tested for more than 240,000 clicks. This can last you a lifetime.
  • User Friendly: The ease for use allows you to easily add switches,sockets, fan regulators and other functions without much effort. Since Luminous switches are 100% modular, they easily snap fit into their position.
  • Aesthetics: Luminous modular switches are aesthetically pleasing, they fit perfectly in modern interiors and integrate seamlessly into your walls. They are available in various colours, designs, textures and combinations.

2. Always relied on your electricians and interior designer to decide your switches for you?
For years we have relied on others to select switches for our homes, but now no more! By understanding the Basic modular switch terminology, we will be able to do so on our own. Let us have a walk through for your so that you understand the different types of switches better.

    • What is a switch?

A switch is a button that is used to turn on or turn off fans, lights or any electrical appliance

      • How would I identify what type of a switch would I need around in my home?

To decide on which switch to buy, you will first need to check the current rating of the switch

      1. 6A/10A switches are for your basic fans and lighting
      2. 16A/20A switches are for heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler etc.
      3. 25A/32A switches are for heavy appliances like geysers, air conditioners, motors


1. What are 2 way switches ?
Imagine you are climbing a dark staircase and you switch on a light with a switch placed at the bottom of the staircase. After reaching the floor you wanted to climb up to, will you go down again to turn off the light ? No, this is where you would need a two way switch. This type of a switch can be used even in a bedroom.

2. What is a bell switch ?
This is a switch that is used for doorbells in homes and offices

3. What is a socket?
Just like switches, sockets are also available in various current ratings and design eg 10A/16A 3 pin sockets, 10A/16A 5 pin sockets, universal sockets that take most plugs including international ones and International sockets. Other components of switches and sockets which are equally important are also mentioned below

  • Fan Regulators : The fan regulators are available in 4 speed and 5 speed.
  • Light Dimmers: At times lights end up becoming too bright for certain situations hence light dimmers are provided to reduce the brightness and create a more cozy atmosphere.
  • RJ11: This is nothing but a telephone socket
  • RJ45: This is the data socket for CAT 5 & 6 internet cables
  • LED Night foot lamp: This type of a lamp is highly recommended for children’s bedrooms,living rooms and staircases

4. What is a Grid + Cover plate?
The above components such as different types of switches and different types of sockets are mounted on a Grid plate. The cover plate makes the whole unit look aesthetically pleasing and is mounted on top of the grid plate

What are the different available Grid and cover plate sizes ?
There are different grid + cover plate sizes as given below:

  • 1 Module – Space available for 1 basic switch
  • 2 Module – Space available for 2 basic switches
  • 3 Module – Space available for 3 basic switches
  • 4 Module – Space available for 4 basic switches
  • 8 Module – Space available for 8 basic switches
  • 12 Module - Space available for 12 basic switches
  • 18 Module - Space available for 18 basic switches

5. Are switches available only in white colour ?
Bored of seeing white switches & cover plates on all the walls? It’s time to explore different types of color and choose from a variety of available design options.Cover plates of modular switches gives you an opportunity to think beyond white and traditional designs. Luminous modular switches give you plenty to choose from.

  • • Laser Designs in a variety of themes for Kids room
  • • International color options including Rose Gold and Silver Mist
  • • Wooden finish
  • • Graphite Grey

And for those of you who don’t want to experiment at all and still want white, Luminous ZOLIO and Luminous Vivace modular switches offer you stunning whites in a unique fusion of satin & gloss.


What are the steps, do’s and dont’s for modular switches when constructing or renovating your own house?
There are certain key points that need to be kept in mind while choosing the right modular switch for your homes. We believe this guide will help you all pick the right product for your homes

  1. Create the Bill of quantities without the help of an electrician
  2. Get a BOQ from the electrician, check if he has given you all you need
  3. Discovering the right product, right brand & the right shop, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:
  • STEP 1: Check if you have the right metal boxes ( Also referred to as Flush boxes). It is important that you decide which metal box to buy so that when you choose your preferred modular switch brand, they are 100% compatible (Luminous modular switches are compatible with most metal boxes in the market)
  • STEP 2: Deciding the brand, you can also ask your friends. If you know an interior designer, ask him for his views. The easiest way is to go online & google for modular switches & look at the some of the top brands available. The Luminous website also has a detailed modular switch section to help you decide
  • Not completely satisfied with what you see online? Get in touch with Luminous sales where people are available at your doorstep upon request to show you the samples of switches and cover plate options
  • The right modular switch product has to pass your test on the following
  1. Looks : Ask for exciting options in white and color
  2. Quality and warranty : Luminous switches offer a replacement warranty up to 10 years!
  3. Safety: Ask for shuttered sockets & Fire retardant material
  • STEP 3: Find the Right retailers to get the best price and 100% availability- Luminous switches are available in leading electrical outlets in major electrical markets across 94 towns in India
  • STEP 4: Buy, install and forget -Luminous switches are designed to last a lifetime, however if you ever face a problem, these can be easily replaced at your retailer. You can also reach out to the Luminous 24 hr customer care center for any product related query.


Why should you install modular switches in your homes?

Always relied on your electricians and interior designer to decide your switches for you?


What are 2 way switches ?

What is a bell switch ?

What is a socket?

What is a Grid + Cover plate?

Are switches available only in white colour ?


What are the steps, do’s and dont’s for modular switches when constructing or renovating your own house?

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