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Beautiful Ceiling Fans for Home

1. Do Luminous ceiling fans come with LED light too?

Yes, Luminous ceiling fans come with LED lights. They have the distinct advantage of light being focused on the center of the room. You can also operate the LED lights on the fan independently.

2. What is the difference between a four-blade and a five-blade ceiling fan?

The higher the number of blades, the lesser the noise they cause. A four-blade fan will have a higher speed of air than a five-blade ceiling fan. A 4-blade ceiling fan moves slightly more air than one with five blades.

3. How much does it cost?

Generally, a ceiling fan with more blades costs more than one with fewer blades. It is because a five-blade fan is available in more designs and is comparatively more stylish in design

4. Do Luminous fans save energy?

All Luminous fans are energy efficient.

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