Revolutionary Design

Brings A Modern Outlook To Your Home

Stylish Matt
Black Panels
Elegant Milky
White Cabinet
Curvy edges

Unrivalled Features

Pure sine wave output – Enhanced life for sophisticated home appliances
Full Charging current at low voltage – 95V. Charges battery faster at lower input voltages
User friendly LED indications – keeps informed about the working of inverter

Unparalleled Safety

No Open Or Dangling Wires Completely Safe For Children

Unmatched Convenience


Load Chart
TV+Set Top Box 1
Led Bulb 5
Fan 3
Tubelight 4
Laptop 1
WiFi Router 1
Back Up Times 150 Ah Battery 200 Ah Battery
@ 280 W (2 fans, 1 TV, 2 LED Bulb) 3 hr 30 mins 5 hrs
@420 W (3 fans, 1 TV, 5 LED bulb, WiFi Router) 2 hrs 3 hrs
1. Load chart represents indicative loads which can be run on the inverter
2. For effective results, it is recommended to run loads not more than 80% of the peak load
3. Kindly check the rated power consumption of your appliances before selecting the inverter
4. Back up times mentioned are for a new and fully charged battery under test environment
5. Battery to be purchased Separately, only supports Tall tubular batteries with capacities between 150-220 AH
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