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High Capacity UPS & Inverters

How to Buy High Capacity UPS & Inverter?

Need help choosing the perfect Inverter which can run everything at your home or office? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Inverters & UPS company! This section will guide you on everything to do with High capacity Inverters.


High Capacity Systems That Run Everything

Who says a UPS can’t run an entire house? With Luminous Cruze UPS, you get a power back-up solution that can literally run everything! Also a perfect power backup system if you’re running a business like a restaurant, a clinic, an office or a petrol pump that runs sensitive equipments or heavy load machinery, since it provides high quality and reliable power back-up.


Get Power-Packed Performance, Everyday

Luminous Pro UPS is high capacity UPS with features such as load and battery level display in percentage, MCB protection, 7-segment digital display and faster charging ability, making it a preferred UPS system.

Pro 3-Phase

Non-Stop Business During Power Cuts

Why should power cuts make your work stop? With the Luminous Pro range, you don't have to let power cuts bother you! This high capacity inverter runs everything from small electronic appliances to sensitive machinery with heavy power requirements.

Lift Pro

Non-Stop Business During Power Cuts

The best power back up solution for lifts: Luminous Lift Pro Range. Capable of powering lifts in case of emergencies, this UPS is the best choice for running lifts in hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals and more!


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