Recycle and Reuse to save future generations
Always return used battery to the nearest Authorized Collection Center or Distributor
A battery contains a hazardous chemical i.e. Lead. The lead, if not handled carefully, could harm the environment, therefore, its proper treatment is necessary, particularly of the old batteries. If unauthorized personnel/agency treats the Lead, the hazardous chemical (lead particles) is likely to escape into the atmosphere and contaminate air, soil and drinking water. Such contamination through food items, air and water enters into human body.

Adverse effects of lead exposure
  • Respiratory problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Digestive problems
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulties during pregnancy

Battery Recycling
As responsible citizen, we must handle old batteries with care to save the planet and the next generations free from lead poisoning. Luminous encourages its business partners to collect old batteries from the customers and deliver to Luminous for proper treatment.

Battery user must sell the used batteries to the collection centers registered under Pollution Control Laws or the Registered Recyclers. It saves the environment and health of children from pollution. Let us join hands to keep life on earth clean, beautiful and sustainable.

Used Battery Sale
If you wish to sell your old battery, please follow as below:

  • Inform the battery type to the Authorized Dealer/ Distributor
  • Check the discount or the scrap battery price in the market.
  • Duly pack and tape the battery in a bubble wrap paper to protect acid spillage and short circuit.
  • Segregate bulk batteries type-wise like Flat Plate, Tubular, Auto, SMF etc.
  • Mark "FOR RECYCLING" should be affixed.
  • Seal all the boxes with packing tape.
  • To sell and know more please contract at the following number or email id.
    Toll Free No: 18001202303
    Email ID:
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