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Design story of Vivace

Luminous: The Superbrand that India Trusts

Luminous has been awarded with the “ Global Superbrand “ status for the year 2011-2012 and 2014-2015, ISO 50001:2011 certification and MNRE : CRISIL recognition. We continue to remain committed towards bringing excellence and beauty in the lives of people.

We, at Luminous have made it our primary mission to provide customers with nothing but the best. Thus,pioneering products that bring splendour and magnificence into the living space along with a strong hue of innovation adding onto the brilliance of interiors .Yet another path breaking innovation is “ Vivace” which is inspired by Bauhaus movement.

Bauhaus : The most significant school for Design and Architecture

Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 and has been considered as the most influential design establishment till date. As Bauhaus was a combination of crafts and arts, its nature and concept was considered as completely new and ahead of its times. Experimenting with new materials and forms entailed a whole new living environment. Many artists, architects and designers regard it as a strong ideology and a conviction and not just a school or arts and architecture.

" Vivace" Inspired by Bauhaus

The Bauhaus movement has inspired modern architecture with the use of simple shapes and designs in the most innovative manner. Luminous was so inspired by this ultra modern approach of building and crafting that they came up with a beautiful concept and named it “ Vivace”. The revolutionary designs of Vivace are simple yet aesthetic, minimalistic and elegant pieces of art.The style and design perfectly amalgamates with any modern interior design thus, enhancing the beauty and the grace of the living space.

  • Beauty of simplicity:

    Keeping the essence of Bauhaus alive in the aesthetics, the symmetrical design makes Vivace switches an art of elegant minimalism. The curved yet sleek design of these elegant white switches just accentuates the beauty further.

  • Form follows function:

    The dimensions and design of Vivace have been crafted with a concave curve to enable comfortable finger placement, while the fan regulator + switch enhances convenience.

  • Truth to material:

    Vivace has been crafted with corrosion resistant brass contacts which ensure that quality and functionality of Vivace are not compromised with and in turn delivers performance.

Exquisite features of Vivace that makes it class apart:

Vivace has been very carefully and thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind some key features:

  • Child safety:

    All Vivace sockets are shuttered ensuring complete safety of that little angel in your homes and preventing any sort of accidental shocks.

  • Durability:

    The high fatigue resistance of Vivace ensures long life and smooth operation throughout its lifespan.

  • Soft switching sound:

    Vivace switches have been meticulously engineered to ensure that it leaves space for very low operational sound and hence it does not cause distraction in anyway.

  • Corrosion Resistant:

    Vivace has been designed with an eye for best in class quality. The contacts made of brass ensure that the metal parts are corrosion resistant and hence, are incredibly long lasting.

  • ISI and ROHS compliant:

    Vivace follows stringent quality norms and is free of any harmful substance that might be toxic for human touch.

  • UV protected:

    The beauty and grace of Vivace switches will remain intact even in harsh outdoor weather conditions as it is UV protected.

  • Aligned Screw Terminal:

    The perfectly aligned screw terminal in Vivace helps in easy installation and also protects from any accidental touch.

“ Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication” - Leonardo Da Vinci