3 ways to use energy conservation for your Future Investment Plan

3 ways to use energy conservation for your Future Investment Plan

3 ways to use energy conservation for your Future Investment Plan

We are living in a world where energy drives the present. We generate and use more energy than ever before, and it is such to balance the rising demands of energy too! While we have expanded our energy creation, there is always a limitation on how much energy can be created and what are the consequences of it on the environment? Some of the consequences of this increased demand-and-supply of energy are emissions of greenhouse gases that get trapped within the atmosphere, causing climate change. To tackle this rising problem and invest in a tomorrow that is plentiful for the coming generation, you can start your “Future Investment Plan” with simple methods of energy conservation.

Energy conservation means reducing your overall energy consumption, that in turn (and with combined effort) and affects the production of it. You may start off by reducing your consumption of high-energy-consuming devices, however, there are various ways to do this too. This “Future Investment Plan”charts out ways to prevent wasteful use of energy and helps you carve a path to sustainable living.

1. Turn it down or turn it off

One of the most effective ways to conserve energy in your daily life is to turn things down that require a lot of energy. Heating up a home or keeping an office cold takes a lot of energy, however, adjusting the settings to use lesser energy to maintain a favorable temperature can create energy savings equal to taking several cars/bikes off the road. Same goes for water heating. That doesn’t mean you take a cold shower in winters, however, with a little monitoring, you can keep your appliances in use only for the desired time to get that nice steamy bath that you like instead of having to cool it down later.

While turning things down and monitoring your usage is important, some things are better to turn off completely, as they can use energy even when not actively in use. Turn off the air-conditioner when leaving the room, unplug the devices when fully charged, and more. To reduce your energy usage, make sure your devices are unplugged.

DID YOU KNOW? - TVs, computers, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, music systems... most of the plug-in devices draw energy from the power grid when they are plugged in.

2. Substitute and become energy efficient

Technology is constantly evolving, looking for ways to make our lives more convenient. This evolution focuses on adding more utilities to the tech while reducing the energy efficiency of it. Just like while buying new cars you look at the mileage as well as comfort and design, for a bountiful Future Investment Plan, your home needs you to do the same with your household appliances. Substituting certain devices for an energy-efficient option is a way to practice energy conservation daily based on one decision. You can start this with the smaller items – like replacing your regular bulbs withLuminous LED Lamps.

You can also check out this series of videos to see how replacing your regular decorative fans with Luminous Designer Energy-Efficient Fans can help you conserve energy every day.

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3. DIY Kit for Clean Energy

Most of our households use electricity from the main grid power supply. So, we all contribute to the rising use of demand for energy and therefore, a greater necessity to supply it. When we reduce this dependency, we reduce the load on the main supply (which too is pursuing ways to become more sustainable). But how do we reduce our need for this system when our homes, our businesses, almost everything needs energy to function? Well, this Future Investment Plan has an answer. Let’s create our own energy.

See this video to find out how you can create your own energy: Do You Know How Solar Energy Works to Generate Electricity? | Luminous Solar | Hindi ]

Earth receives a daily dose of energy from our Sun, and we can harness this infinite source of energy with solar panels. Solar panels convert the light particle that hits its surface into electricity which can be used to run the appliances. The bigger the energy you need at your home or workplace, the bigger your solar system would need to be, however, in the bigger picture, since you would be creating your own electricity, you wouldn’t be using the main grid power supply. You will be creating a positive impact on the environment AND saving money from high electricity bills with (again) just one decision. A solar system for home may seem like a big investment, but with its utility and long-term benefits, the Return on Investment will be profitable over its lifetime.

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Energy conservation may seem like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Future Investment Plan is meant to help you create new and easy energy-saving habits that can make big differences in the long run for the environment. By making small changes every day, we can together save more resources for the coming generations and contribute to creating a better tomorrow.