Our Trust Charter

We want the trust to power all our interactions with stakeholders and our relationships with customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities we serve, in a meaningful, inclusive and positive way. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone working at Luminous or any of our subsidiaries. Each section includes clear do’s and don’ts as well as the teams responsible for the topic at Luminous

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Our Key Policies | Luminous

Our Key Policies

Policies create the backbone of our organisation’s ethics and compliance programme. They ensure all employees understand how to implement critical tasks and meet behavior expectations.

Compliance Report

Discover our commitments and reports in line with our code of conduct:

Compliance Report | Luminous

Do You Have Any Doubts Or Concerns?

Our Trust Line allows our employees and external stakeholders to raise any ethical concerns in line with our code of conduct.

A once-raised alert is subject to a thorough and confidential investigation. The findings of the investigation are then submitted to the relevant governing committees, which decide on the appropriate actions to be taken.

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