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Installation Help

Installation Help



Inverter + Battery Combo, and only Battery orders (Non-Solar Solutions)

Luminous products purchased through Luminous Online Shop are usually delivered by our aligned partners in person, within 5-7 days after order confirmation. 

After the products are delivered, you have the following options for Product Installation:

  1. Call us at our 24x7 Toll free number 1800 103 3039. Our service engineer will visit your house at your convenient time for the standard product installation. A nominal fee of Rs. 500 only would be charged. The rate is valid for solution of up to 24V, and for locations which are within the radius 25 km.
  2. You can get the installation done at the time of product delivery, through our aligned partners. However in this case, a prior intimation is mandatory. Our partner will charge you charge you approx. Rs.400-500 for Installation, depending upon the location (this facility is available only in select locations).
  3. You can also call your local electrician to install Inverter & Battery system, if you can ensure that he knows the standard installation practices. 

If you are installing this power back up system for the first time in your house then you may need additional electrical wiring set up, and that would be chargeable over and above the standard installation cost. This however has to be managed by you at your end.

Installation Demo: How to install a Home UPS with Battery


Installation of Solar Products requires technical expertise. Luminous Shop Online does not provide solar installation for online purchases, however you can get in touch with us at 18001030577 and our team will connect you to professional solar system integrators, if available in your location. You can also contact your trusted solar system integrators, if you ensure that they are aware of standard installation practices.

Solar installation charges vary depending upon the locations, scope of work, material specifications, site, material quality of wires and cables, area covered etc.

Why is installation of Solar Power System Installation costly?

  • Installation of Solar Solution requires mounting of the solar panels on the roof. This mounting is done with Anodized Aluminum Structure as it doesn’t rust and lasts for years.
  • Specialized UV protected wires with high mechanical strength and durability are used for outdoor wiring, to withstand the varying weather conditions.
  • The productivity of the system may hamper manifold in case of any slightest mistake in installation like wrong angle, directions, short circuits etc. Hence, only specially trained engineers are employed to do the Solar Power System Installations for efficient harnessing of solar energy and a better output.
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Installation Demo: How to Install an Normal UPS