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  • Find Out How You Can Buy Fan Online 

    Find Out How You Can Buy Fan Online

    Let be honest, there is a long line of advantages associated with shopping fans from Luminous e-shop. The deals are there, buying is secure, and delivery is quick. Precisely, shopping has never been simpler or more helpful for purchasers than in the running times.

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  • Best Ceiling Fans Just A Click Away 

    Best Ceiling Fans Are Now Just A Click Away

    Technology has revolutionized the way we live. Today, more people than ever before in history are using the Web to shop for a wide variety of items. In contrast with a physical store with settled hours, online customers can get on the Web any hour of the day or night to shop.

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  • Why Do Most Ceiling Fans in India have 3 Blades  

    Why Do Most Ceiling Fans in India have 3 Blades

    Electric fans can have 3-4-5 – any number of blades but why do fans in India only stick with 3 blades?

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  • Shifting from Traditional to Ornamental Switches 

    A mindset shift - Traditional to ornamental switches

    The Luminous range of modular switches provides you with ample choices to select from switches.

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  • Home trends - Decorate with Ceiling Fans 

    2017 Home trends - Decorate with ceiling fans

    The Luminous range of modular fans provides you with ample choices to select from fans.

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  • Go Solar : The Smartest Energy Choice 

    Go Solar: The Smartest Energy choice under the Sun!

    Before the lights go out...  conquer the energy crisis before it conquers us.

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