5 Reasons To Buy Luminous LED Fans

5 Reasons To Buy Luminous LED Fans

5 Reasons Why One Must Buy Luminous LED Fans

In the last few decades, omnipresent ceiling fans have become diverse and are expected to do much more than just cooling. They have become a décor element as well: their colors, finishes and forms have become quite important as well.

In the United States, customers warmly received fan models with lights. Until recently, fans sold in India were clones of these fans. They usually had four or five blades with low speed and air delivery with different lampshades hanging from the center. These were not quite suitable for Indian homes and were not widely accepted here.

Indian homes need fans that deliver a high amount of air flow: about a standard sweep size of 1200 mm and a light design that can be easily integrated with the motor body.

Luminous was the first in India to launch a designer fan developed by its in-house research and development team. Luminous recognized that the lighting attachment had to be the new generation LED light with a portable remote control. This pioneering model was followed by other leading brands.

Apart from being a beautiful décor item with LED illumination, these ceiling fans have several advantages.

•    In Indian homes, lights are mostly installed on the walls, either in form of tube lights or wall lights. These do not provide adequate light on the opposite wall. Ceiling fans have the distinct advantage of being positioned in the centre of the room.

The LED light uniformly disperses light in all directions of the room making the room lively and bright with same or even lesser power consumption. Luminous LED fans are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and make for an intriguing installation.

•    We all know how each electrical outlet in the home is critical. With a fan that doubles up as an ambient light, there’s no need for an additional electrical fixture and the available electrical point can be used for another purpose.

•    When it comes to interior design, tube lights or wall light fittings restrict the scope of décor one can have. A vacant wall space can be used as a stunning design element.

•    LED lights in ceiling fans are independently operated and can be dimmed and brightened to complement your mood for the day. This can’t be always done with conventional light fixtures. With Luminous LED fans, the remote control also comes in handy to do so at ease.

•    Above the dining area, an LED fan generates uniform dispersion of light on the dishes without any shadows of the crockery and cutlery. The light source is also relatively closer to the food and makes for a far more appetising experience.

Along with fans featuring LED lights, Luminous has embarked upon a new design trend: a light with a fan .This product essentially looks like a beautiful LED light on the ceiling with seamlessly integrated blades. The product is as efficient as other standalone light and fan. The newly launched model New York Manhattan is an example of this inspiration.

There’s indeed a lot of innovation to look forward to in a humble fan.

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