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8 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels

Sep 04, 2023

It is often a common question amongst people: how long is the life of solar panels? Solar installations come with long-term warranties that provide coverage for faults. These warranties for solar panel installation are approximately 25 years.  

Even though these warranties cover all types of accidents, it is imperative to note that this warranty does not apply to cases of negligence that can hamper the life of solar panels. It is, therefore, essential to maintain solar panels. Here are some tips which will help you extend the life of solar panels.  

Inspect and clean the solar panels regularly

Invest in preventive maintenance and keep the solar panels clean to minimize the level of damage to the panels. By removing leaves and dust on solar panels, you can prevent the blockage hindering sunlight from reaching the solar panels with full efficiency. This will help foster improvised energy conversion. Also, if you live in an area with a large bird population, you will want to consider installing barriers for birds. Besides preventing birds from nesting under solar panels, it is also essential to conduct regular inspections of the solar panels to avoid irreversible damage and improve the life of solar panels in India.  

Use a solar battery backup

A solar battery backup helps reduce the load on the solar panels and enables you to use more than a single device at a time. In addition, a solar battery helps save energy used during the nighttime or for days of poor weather conditions and insufficient sunlight for more savings on electricity bills and better life of solar panels.  

Make sure the solar panels are correctly angled (inclination)

One of the primary requirements for switching to solar is to ensure that the solar panels are installed at the correct angle. The best angle of inclination is where the panels can receive the maximum amount of sunlight all year around.  

Shelter your panels to prevent physical damage

Solar panels can undergo chemical and physical damage if not properly handled. Make sure you cover the panels with a trap during harsh or extreme weather conditions such as a massive storm to protect them from snow, hail, sleet, or rain. 

Protection from extreme fluctuations in temperature

Solar cells are designed for use only in a specific range of temperature. Extreme fluctuations in the temperature can cause damage to the surface of the solar panels and reduce the efficiency of their working, reducing their lifespan.  

Seal the gaps in the panel structure with sealant products

If there are any gaps around the edges of the solar panels, it is best to seal them with sealant products. It is vital to ensure that there are no unsealed gaps because it can let insects and dust enter the structure of solar panels, leading to reduced efficiency and life of solar panels.  

Application of a quality protective coating

Applying a decent quality protective coating every few years helps maintain the appearance of the solar panel and greatly extends its durability. At times, the UV light with too much energy can cause damage to the surface material of the solar panel system. Also, corrosion can diminish the life span of solar panels. In such cases, a protective coating can help prevent any damage to the solar panels and keep them well-maintained.  

Tighten loose parts for maximum output

Ensure that any joints, nuts, and bolts are intact for the best output results. You must also keep an eye on the energy production monitoring device which helps identify faults. In case there are drastic changes in the solar energy production process, you must check for any faulty parts in the solar panel structure. Disconnected or loose wires can also help reduce the output. Moreover, any loose parts left unattended in the solar panel installation system can even cause a fire or danger of electrocution.  

Solar panels are undoubtedly cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and the best energy source for both residential and commercial purposes. It is, however, important that solar installations are protected from physical and chemical damage.  

By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure protection and optimal efficiency against any damages caused to the solar panels. Luminous is a one-stop destination for top-notch solar technology at the most affordable prices, including solar panels, inverters, and more. So, invest today and take a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable living.