A Guide to select the Right Solar Solution

A Guide to select the Right Solar Solution

Which Solar is best for me? A guide for selecting the right solar solution for your home.

You’ve probably wound up here in search of the best Solar Solutions for your home. Either your struggling with high power cuts and wondering what’s the best and most efficient way of storing solar energy for use or you’re looking to reduce the cost of your electricity bill by using solar energy, well you couldn’t have found a better place to get the answer you’re looking for. Here’s a guide to selecting the best solar solution your home needs.

High-power cuts at home

It’s quite a hassle when you face extreme power outages at home and you’re stuck without electricity for hours. At times like this, you can’t make a better choice than to shift to solar! In such instances you require a battery based solar power system, this solution charges the battery using both the solar panel as well as the grid. It can provide power back up to your home during the power cuts! If your home requires a small sized system (Upto 1500 VA), we recommend a Luminous Solar NXG System. If you need a medium to large sized system, the best you can go for is a Luminous Solar PCU System. They are definitely not a letdown!

Reduce Electricity bill cost

These days electricity bills can really hurt your wallet, but when you move to solar you’d be surprised on how much you can save! If this is what you’re looking for at home, you’ll need a grid tie solar power system. Such a system uses solar power to power your home and all the excess power is sold to the grid, which in return helps you save on your electricity bill. During power cuts, you can continue to use your power back up system. For a grid tie system, we highly recommend Luminous GTI System. Time for you to efficiently save on your electricity bill.

Upgrade your home to solar with an existing power backup

Now you might be wondering, what if I already have an existing power back up? Well, there’s a solution for that too! This is what we call a Retrofit system. This uses your existing UPS and battery along with your original wiring and sets up a solar solution. If this is exactly what you need, Luminous Shine Retrofit System is just what you need!

Wait no longer and power your home with the perfect Solar Solutions from Luminous! Choose the best to power your home the best, with Luminous!