A Journey from the Sun to the Grid

A Journey from the Sun to the Grid

The Luminous Grid Tie Inverter: A Journey from the Sun to the Grid

In an era where usage of a cleaner energy source is the need of the hour, solar power is a much-needed superhero. The benefits of solar are endless. From being a green, environment-friendly energy source to be a renewable one, solar power is truly the gift that keeps on giving. So as responsible citizens of the planet, it is our duty to tap into the energy source and use it for the betterment of the environment. And what’s a good way to do that? A solar set-up at home, of course. A great investment for that set-up is the Luminous Grid Tie Inverter.

Another great benefit of the solar? One can combat the problem of rising electricity bills with great ease by adopting solar power in their homes. How does that work, you wonder? Here’s a simple explanation. The Luminous Grid Tie Inverter converts DC power generated from Solar panelsinto AC power which is first used to run electrical appliances at your home or office. Any surplus power generated which is not utilized to run appliances is exported to the grid, thereby helping you earn from your contribution to the grid. While yes, solar power can be a more expensive resource to tap into in the beginning, investments like the Luminous Grid Tie Inverter will help you reduce cost and save more in the long run.

In touch with the era of technology, the Luminous Grid Tie Invertercomes with a remote monitoring feature that helps users connect with Luminous GTI using GSM dongle and access information and diagnostics via smartphone.

Dual/Quad MPPTsprovides you the flexibility of connecting multiple arrays, which helps minimize the impact of shading, increases efficiency, resulting in more solar generation.

Compliance to the IEC standards makes this product completely safe, reliable and approved for Govt. subsidies.

Luminous Grid Tie Inverter comes with multiple safeguards for overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, insulation resistance, DC reverse polarity, over temperature, surge and islanding protections.

It focuses on efficiency as a key feature. It comes with 98.2% conversion efficiency. It minimizes losses from conversion of DC to AC. It also comes with >99.5% tracking efficiency. It has an advanced algorithm that ensures maximum power generation.

With a variety of useful features all set in one stylish, stellar design, the Luminous Grid Tie Inverter is a power-packed solar inverter. A combination of Smart, Safe, Efficient and Reliable, this inverter is truly a powerhouse of an inverter and a perfect solar solution for your home, office and other work places like:

  • Residence
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Banks
  • And many more Institutions and shops

    So, it’s time to #ChaloIndiaBijliBanao.

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