Enhance Your Interior Decor With Smart Lighting

Add A Touch Of Finesse To Your Interior Decor With Smart Lighting

Have you wondered how your interior decor would look like in a different light intensity or even a different light color? Lighting has the power to make or break the overall experience in every interior decor. Unfortunately, given the nature of the lighting system, you can’t throw out the lights you don’t like and put in new ones.

Now technology is here to help. Smart lighting offers a lot more flexibility to create the ambience you want with every type of lighting. A product like SmartGlo by Luminous is capable of creating up Million colors for your lighting needs! The lights are also connected together by Patented Mesh technology which makes it possible to create the combination you want. Experience the wonder of Technology with combinations of multiple bulbs or with even just one bulb.

Operated by a Luminous Smart Glo Smartphone APP , the effect that you want is always just a tap away. Like never before, you have an option to adjust the brightness as per your needs. Yes, you can virtually create the type of lighting you want in real life.

Luminous is one of the first few brands to offer a Smart Lighting option in India. Needless to say, with all the features, smart lighting can easily add a lovely customized touch to your interior decor.

Lighting and Interior Decor:

Lighting is an intrinsic part of interior decor and can either make or break the look you are going for. Along with the positioning and colour of lighting, the fixtures and styles you use are equally important. Let’s take a look at some major interior decor styles and lighting tips for each of them:

•   Modern:

This style, characterized by a clean layout, shades of grey and a neutral vibe is very common in most newly constructed homes. Refined lighting with widespread use of reflections on the walls works well with modern decor. Focus on concealed overhead and recessed lighting to bring out the straight lines of your room with a modern design. Bright LED lights work the best.

•   Industrial:

Industrial decor has a rustic feel to it with seemingly incomplete brickwork and raw tones. Though you might find this decor in a lot of upcoming cafes, it can work wonders for your living room and give it a character. Tungsten filament bulbs in the center of the room are a distinct feature of industrial design. Look at using warmer sunlight-like shades in lighting.

•   Traditional:

Are you charmed by vintage furniture and artwork that transports you to another era? Quite a few of us are. Creating an authentic traditional decor is only a task for the most dedicated though. Not all objects of art and furniture items are easily available. And lighting is something you have to pay special attention to. Warm colours with classy fixtures are essential to keep a consistent tone in your decor. The lights can be bright and focused to complement the dominant bronze metal tones.

•   Bohemian:

Your interior decor is an opportunity to give a glimpse of your personality. If fitting in the box and going along with the conventional isn’t your cup of tea, going bohemian can allow you to create a lively decor that appeals to you. It can be a mixture of elements from the styles above or an original creation of yours with inspiration from art, colors and culture. Smart lighting can offer you endless possibilities to get a customized feel with lesser-used colours such as lavender and magenta.

No matter what your preferred interior decor style is, SmartGlo gives you the option to create the lighting you want. Check out the Luminous SmartGlo unboxing video here and get ready to change the shade of your lighting as and when you need.

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