Home trends - Decorate with Ceiling Fans

Home trends - Decorate with Ceiling Fans


Ever since I have moved to the new house with my husband, I have developed an affinity towards home decoration. I did have a beautiful décor of my bedroom at my parent’s place but the new house is special for so many reasons. This one brought a clean slate, a fresh start, and a moment of reflection- one that makes you realize as to what is important and what should our abode really feel like. I am yet to master the art of perfect designing but I am happy to share a few design trends for 2017 that are working for me and are really big in the design world today.

The Year of Details

For the starters, 2017 has been a year of details. When designing or decorating a home it’s always imperative to pay thoughtfulness to smaller details. Of course you have life size furniture stealing the thunder, but it’s the details and adding elements reflecting your personality that makes the different between beautiful & blah and beautiful & fun home. I suggest that you work on the way materials and colours combine for best results. For say, you can add colorful ethnic cushions on a contemporary looking sofa set for a more inviting feel. Details can also lie in the smallest of décor elements and I suggest that you play with flowers and aid their beauty with unique items in your living room area.

Jewel Tones

This year is already big on jewel tones like emerald, navy hues and more. A muddied jewel tone like chevron will work for years to come. Compliment emerald with a muddied jewel tone and you have a really beautiful hue that’s both timeless and stylish at the same time.

Embrace the Antique Charm

The third trend that is here to stay is to add an antique charm to your living spaces. Brass metal, photo fames without warmish and plant holders that have an unfinished paint on them adds a feeling of opulence to a room.

My Reading Space & Inspiration

Creativity comes to those who let their mind and soul breathe free. For me spaces hold a lot more importance for they help me brainstorm, break free and rejuvenate all at once. To brew blogging ideas, I sit in my corner of the house that’s clean, cosy and extremely comforting. The colors that I have incorporated in this space include indigo and yellow with a hint of white. My only go to mantra for my creative space is having an airy room with lighter color palettes and well-edited furnishings that is easy, friendly, and inviting. Below is a mood board of my space.

Tips To Decorate With Ceiling Fans

A lot of people ignore the utilities when it comes to home décor and this is where I want to introduce the Luminous fans range that not just seamlessly go with the décor patterns of today’s time but also add so much value & style to ones space. 

When it comes to ceiling fans, its important to choose one in terms of style and proportion. A really large-scale room offers a chance for the fan to be the major design element. This is where Luminous fans work- they are easy to decorate around and also very quiet. There’s a fan for every style and their sleek designs blend in perfectly into any modern space.

Since Indian summers are unbearably hot, with Luminous fans it is now possible to go beyond the functional use. These ranges of on-trend fans can be used as your design focal point and thus is appropriate choice in order to influence the feel of a space. You too can explore their range of fans HERE

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