How Ceiling Fans Help Out in Cooling

How Ceiling Fans Help Out in Cooling

How Ceiling Fans Help Out in Cooling

A fan is a primary stand-alone cooling appliance found in almost every home in India. By facilitating airflow within a room, fans help us breathe at ease. They are also the most energy-efficient and affordable means of cooling homes.

Given the number of brands available in the market, it can be tough to find the best fan for your cooling requirement. Luminous fans combine cutting-edge technology and aesthetics for fans and are available in a variety of types, styles and speeds. Each product is suited for a different purpose. To find the right product, it is important to understand how fans help out with cooling.

Fans do not exactly cool the room, but they help accelerate the process to evaporate perspiration on the human skin, making us feel cool. The scientific term for this phenomenon is “wind chill”.

On the other hand, air conditioners help reduce temperature in the room.

If you keep a ceiling fan switched on in an enclosed room, you would observe how the room feels warmer and suffocating than before. The power consumed by the motor dissipates into heat and circulates in the room thereby raising the ambient temperature.

To cool a room with a fan, it is essential to keep the doors and windows open to ensure ventilation. When the air has a chance to escape and enter a room, fans can replace the stale air within the house.

There’s a reason why Luminous fans are segregated by the type of use. Bathrooms, Bedrooms and kitchen have different cooling requirements. The fans are designed to effectively operate in each of these spaces.

Proper ventilation is of prime importance to keep the room fresh and free of moisture. A house without good ventilation will not just be humid, but will also not allow the fan to perform optimally

A house with several windows, ventilators and doors is said to have good ventilation. In such spaces, it becomes easier for the fan to cool the room by bringing in fresh air from outside and driving stale air out.

Table Fans and Exhaust Fans are great for this purpose. They not only cool the room but also drive out the moist and humid air. Luminous Exhaust Fans ensure high-speed air delivery and effectively keep out stale air and odors.

One way to make the most of a table or pedestal fan is to keep it near an open window, allowing it to suck the stale air of the room and throw it out. Try it – it will work wonders along with a ceiling fan.