Invest in These Best Inverters for Home Use

Invest in These Best Inverters for Home Use

Invest in These Best Inverters for Home Use

Inverters are well known to all of us, and when we do not have electricity, inverters play a major role. Basically, an inverter transforms direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). With the aid of correct transformations, the alternative current may be of any voltage. The inverter does the opposite operation of a rectifier. The inverter is named so because the direct current and alternating current dynamics have been made to operate in reverse, i.e., from DC to AC. The best inverters for home use were always important, but because the problem of load shedding is increasing day by day, they are gaining more importance now. The primary benefit of the best home inverters in India is to provide backup power when main grid supply is not flowing. Inverters take power from the battery and, when electricity is cut, supply it. It proves to be very helpful and handy in and offer perfect power backup solutions. There are various types of power inverters available today, and individuals still make it a point to buy one in the event of load shedding. If there is no supply of electricity, everything comes to a standstill in this electronic world. In that scenario, adding the best inverters for home use is always advantageous. An inverter is a device that can run devices when there is no power supply depending upon the capacity of inverter installed. However, you might get baffled when choosing which inverter is the best for home use. At Luminous, we are here to solve your problem with our comprehensive selection of various types of inverters. Let's have a look at the best inverters for home use:

1. High Capacity Inverter

If you experience frequent power cuts in your home or office, high-capacity inverters are your best choice. To run heavy loads of pumps, air conditioners, commercial establishments, and refrigerators, among other appliances, you can buy a high-capacity inverter or HKVA. An efficient power backup solution that ensures low maintenance and high reliability while being an excellent alternative to polluting diesel generators is the HKVA or high-capacity inverter. At Luminous, we offer a range of iCruze super inverters that offer high-quality, consistent power backup solutions for office running and sensitive equipment. The iCruze range of the best inverters in India comes in 2.8 KVA to 12.5 KVA in various VA ratings. The number of batteries used in the iCruze range depends on the voltage level at which inverter is designed to operate.

2. Integrated Inverter

Integrated inverters are the ones that are available in a non-separable inverter plus battery combo. The unit of such an inverter is powered by an integrated Li-ion battery. Under this section, we have the Regalia range of inverters. Unlike bulky, dated inverters, the Regalia inverter series’ ultra-modern design is so stylish that you can proudly show it off in your drawing-room. With any interior, the contemporary look of the best home inverter goes so well. Their environmentally safe batteries are highly efficient. These can last up to ten years and are completely sealed and virtually maintenance-free.

3. Connected Inverter

It is possible to monitor the functioning of these best inverters for home use through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. The mobile application available on IOS and Google playstore can be easily downloaded on the smartphone and connected with the inverter to monitor performance statistics of your inverter battery. They offer real-time data contact in terms of backup, percent load running on the inverter, battery charge percent, input voltage, etc. At Luminous, we bring you the Zelio UPS Power inverter series, one of India's smartest connected inverters. You get state-of-the-art features such as digital display, Mains By-Pass switch, and MCB security, and they are affordable. Zelio connected inverter series comprises of 2 power inverter series, a) Zelio Wi-Fi b) Zelio- i

4. Premium Inverter

This best inverter in India for home offers real-time data communication in terms of backup, percent battery charge, input voltage, etc. via an intuitive LCD monitor. Zelio + inverter series is an ideal Premium inverter series with modern design and sate of the art features. Let us explore all factors that help select the best inverter for home:

1. Power Requirement

Knowing your home's power requirements is a vital factor in choosing the best inverter for home use. For that, you will need to calculate the normal energy consumption of your home appliances and machinery that you want to operate during a power outage. It may include fans, equipment for the kitchen, CFL / LED lights, television, tube lights, and others like that. The amount of power used by all such equipment at home would be your total power requirement.

2. Inverter Capacity

Select the average running load from your total power requirement. i.e. how much load would be running on the average on the inverter. It can vary from 50% of peak load to equalizing the peak load or total power requirement. Convert it to VA (the usable market configuration of all the best inverters in India for home) once you have measured the peak load and average running load in watts. Typically, the capacity of a Low KVA inverters varies from 600VA to 1500VA and high capacity inverters form 2KVA to 12.5KVA. To understand your VA output, you can divide the average running load by the power factor. The efficiency of the inverter operating at 0.8pf is the power factor. VA rating of inverter = Average running load (Watts) / Power factor (efficiency – 0.8pf) To maintain a larger space for power fluctuations, it is advisable to buy the finest inverter with a higher VA rating. Suppose an inve

3. Inverter Output

For a pure sinus wave, quasi-sine wave, and square wave, the output of your inverter varies. To get optimal efficiency, you need to know which type of waveform is offered by the best home inverter in India has. For better performance of your home appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, AC, kitchen appliances, and TV, you should invest in a pure sine wave inverter. However, you can select a square wave inverter for the best output if you want to operate light electrical equipment at home, such as fans and lights. At Luminous, we provide a variety of the best inverters in all waveforms, to meet your home needs. To understand your home's power consumption, you can also use our online load calculator.

4. Battery Capacity

A battery is the foundation of an inverter for your home. Your inverter's life and efficiency will depend primarily on the quality of the battery model you select. To provide power backup, which is expressed in Ah (Ampere Hours), the capacity of the battery of your inverter is responsible. Depending on suitability, battery capacity ranging between 80Ah to 220Ah is required for homes (on average). 150Ah for home is a common inverter battery capacity. To take the load of all home appliances that you want to operate during a power outage, you should ensure that your inverter battery is capable enough.

5. Features

Today, inverters for home use have progressed with the advancement in technology. Ranging from smart inverters connected to smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to advanced digital displays that show real-time backup time and battery charging time information, the upgrades are endless. Also, security features such as the Input MCB protect against short circuit and Mains bypass switch that assists pass inverter if the inverter fails without charging the wiring connections.

Now that you know all about various types of inverters, it will be easy for you to understand which inverter to buy. You can check out the Luminous website for further information or call our experts to know more about the best inverters in India for home use.

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