Know All About Advantages of Solar Energy (H1)

Know All About Advantages of Solar Energy

We learnt in school and heard on the news that we are running out of important sources of energy. Now that our life depends on appliances, gadgets and machinery that run on these sources of energy, imagine the day these energy sources get exhausted. It’s not unlikely as the demand for these sources of energy exceeds the supply.

These sources of energy include petroleum, natural gas, and coal, which are present in limited quantities.

It’s not that we can limit our consumption of such sources of energy; however, what we can do is look for an alternative source of energy that is present in abundance.

One such source of energy is solar energy. Being a renewable source of energy, there are numerous advantages of solar energy for which it’s being adopted as the go-to energy resource in commercial, industrial, as well as personal establishments.

Here are the many advantages of solar energy:

1. It Exists in Abundance:

One of the significant advantages of solar energy is that it is a renewable source of energy. A renewable source of energy comes from sources that are replenished naturally. Interestingly, the amount of solar energy available is surprising -- approximately 10,000 times what is currently needed by humans -- and it’s constantly replaced. A meagre 0.02% of incoming sunlight, if captured rightly, would be adequate to replace every other source of energy that is currently being used.

2. Decreases Carbon Footprint

Not all sources of energy are environment friendly as they leave a carbon footprint behind. Carbon footprint refers to the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. Increased carbon footprint is a cause of concern as it induces climate change, adds to pollution, and accelerates global warming.

Another advantage of solar energy is that it is a clean source of energy. Solar energy diminishes carbon footprint by mitigating pollution. One of the leading contributors to pollution is harmful gasses like carbon dioxide and methane that reduce the air quality. Pollution can affect our health by causing a series of medical conditions, including headache, anxiety, pneumonia, heart attacks and asthma. Solar energy significantly reduces carbon emissions in the air, improving your overall health.

3. Helps you Cut Down on your Electricity Bill

If half of your monthly paycheck is spent on the electricity bill, switching to solar energy can help you drastically cut down on your electricity bill. With a solar system in your establishment, you can produce your own electricity. You wouldn’t have to depend on the power supply of your location.

4. Increases the Value of your Property:

Looking to resell your property at a profitable price? If yes, then installing a solar panel in your home or commercial establishment is what you need to do. Solar panels in commercial or private establishments increase the value of the property. It also acts as an attractive selling point for real estate agents to market your property. You don’t only recover the initial investment you made into solar systems, but they also get a premium that increases the return on their investment.

Now that we have mentioned the advantages of solar energy, it’s time we dwell on the disadvantages of solar power.

Parting Thoughts

Now that we have listed solar energy advantages and disadvantages, you can make the right call if the advantages of solar energy outweigh the disadvantages of solar energy for you. You can consider investing in solar energy.

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