Luminous 1M Tubelight to Complete your Home

Luminous 1M Tubelight to Complete your Home

Here’s why the Luminous 1M Tubelight is all you need to complete your home!

Are you looking for the perfect lighting for the diverse needs of your modern home? Well, we heard you! Launching for the first time in the industry, Luminous is proud to present the 18W 1 meter LED tubelight under the Luminous Lighting Innovation! Both compact and efficient, here’s why the Luminous 1 M tubelight is all you need to complete your home!

Fits into small spaces!

Keeping in mind our consumers needs, the 1 M tubelight is designed to be more compact in size than regular tubelights. This makes it easier for our tubelights to fit into small spaces like puja rooms, studys, washrooms and other areas of your room that often settle for dimmer lights due to space constraints.

Brighter than you think!

If you think smaller in size means lower in brightness, you’re wrong! Luminous 1 M tubelights are designed to be as bright as regular tubelights in the industry to provide your home with optimum lighting in a compact body.

Protects your eyes!

It’s about time you stopped shielding your eyes. The Luminous 1 M tubelights is specially designed to provide glare free illumination to protect your eyes and illuminate your room with optimum light!

Leaves no space untouched

Struggling to stay under the light while reading? Don’t worry, we got you! With uniform colour delivery, the 1 M Tubelight by Luminous is robustly crafted to illuminate every corner of your room and leave nothing untouched! Say no to dimly lit rooms and bring home the Luminous Tubelight.

Aesthetically pleasing

While regular tubelights look big and bulky, the Luminous 1 M tubelight is aesthetically designed to fit right into the modern aesthetics of your home and complete your home décor! Sleek and small, this tubelight is a perfect fit for urban homes.

Found what you were looking for? Well then, it’s about time you completed your home with the Luminous Tubelight! Visit our website and light up every corner of your house to indulge in the best lighting experience your home could have!

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