New York Tiffany- A class apart

New York Tiffany- A class apart

New York Tiffany- A class apart

This sleek and stylish fan can add a fine touch to your room decor.

You have got the dream look for your room figured out. The shade of paint that you have searched for weeks, layered lighting that seems straight out of a real estate ad and antique decor pieces that are definite conversation starters.

Now, it’s just time for you to sit back and enjoy the look. But something just doesn’t seem to go well with the overall look. You realize the ceiling fan with its design just doesn’t fit in.

Given how ceiling fan design has been ignored for long, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. For those keen on finding a fan that goes along with their overall room decor, New York Tiffany by Luminous is an obvious choice. For the first time in India, you can have a stunning globally awarded fan right in your living room!

As an appliance that occupies prime real estate on the ceiling, a fan can really make or break the look of your room. With its sleek design and clean finish, New York Tiffany fan is capable of blending into a variety of modern decor styles.

The New York Tiffany fan recently won the A’ Design Award, an acclaimed design award by the International Design Academy, Italy that recognizes the best design concepts and products from across the world. The award in the Home Appliances Design Category is a nod to the fan’s distinct minimal design inspired by the modern architecture in New York.

New York Tiffany fan is the sleekest fan currently available in India. It’s available in black and white, solid colors that can go with just about every decor style. It is part of the Signature Collection of fans by Luminous that combines design, technology and convenience. With the variety of designs on offer, the Signature collection has a design for every consumer.

New York Tiffany fan not only looks great but also serves its primary purpose really well. New York Tiffany by Luminous provides high air delivery output (230 CMM) for maximum comfort. Equipped with a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor, the fan consumes less than half the power consumed by conventional fan motors. The fan consumes just 35 W power as compared to 75 - 80 W power consumed by a normal fan. The wider blades provide better air thrust. The revolutionary motor design makes for an intriguing sight as the fan blades look like they are floating in the air when the fan runs. It also comes with remote control for seamless operability.

Additionally, it has a rust-free pure aluminum body and operates at a very low noise level. Considering all the features, New York Tiffany fan is undoubtedly a class apart.

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