Perfect Ambiance with Luminous Lighting

How to create the ambiance you want with Lighting

You have probably felt a vibe you get when you enter a room for the first time. Sometimes it’s lively, sometimes it’s soothing. It all depends on the ambience of the room as created by interior design.

Every design style has the ability to create a different ambience. A modern design with subdued tones, a clean layout and the use of glass and steel pretty much gives a neutral and functional vibe. An industrial design with exposed brick, filament bulbs and an abstract painting has a distinct character. A traditional design recreates the medieval European era with classic furniture, intricate woodwork and chandeliers.

There are quite a few things that come together for the perfect ambience. Dimensions of the room, layout, color, decorative artifacts and lighting all play an important role. Among these, lighting is the most variable and adds on a desired touch to the other elements.

As lighting serves a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose in interior design, it is worth spending time to use lighting that would best suit your purpose. There are three types of lighting you should pay attention to:

Ambient lighting

This is the most important type that helps light up a room and includes primary lights.

Task lighting

This type helps you with specific tasks such as reading or work with a focused light.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting can help you highlight specific elements such as a painting or some other work of art.

Here are some tips to create the desired ambience with lighting:

•   The intensity of illumination depends on the time of the day and your requirements. For example, in your living room, it’s good to have better general illumination when you are reading versus when you are watching a movie. A lighting dimmer can help you change illumination as and when you need it.

•   If lights on the walls prove to be insufficient, you can look at using a chandelier or a fan with a light to boost illumination and add an attractive centerpiece to the decor.

•   Keep your lighting plan functional. Though dim lights can create an aesthetically pleasing environment, make sure you have enough overhead lighting for tasks such as cooking and dining.

•   Along with these tips, there are endless possibilities for creating the ambience with smart lighting.

Smart Lighting: The Next Frontier

To create the best version of your decor, what if you could sync all lights the way you want, customize the brightness as well as fine-tune a shade for a particular occasion? Smart lighting makes all of it possible. The technology connects lights to each other as well as digital devices and offers endless possibilities to create the ambience you want. SmartGlo LED Bulb, a smart lighting product by Luminous, is able to do all of that at the tap of a finger on your phone.

Pushing the frontier of innovation, the SmartGlo LED Bulb can be operated using a smartphone app and it comes with mesh technology to connect different lamps and create a customized cluster lighting effect. Signals are sent to the lights from your phone using Bluetooth technology. With just a tap you can switch on and switch off the lights. You can find just the right colour by running your finger on the colour palette to produce millions of possible colours.

Luminous is one of the fastest growing Home Lighting brand to introduce smart lighting to India and the very first to introduce BLE mesh technology. This novel form of lighting is sure to make sure your decor a talking point among guests.