Quick Buying Guide for Best Power Backup for Home

Quick Buying Guide for Best Power Backup for Home

Quick Buying Guide for Best Power Backup for Home

With rising number of people working from home and kids taking online classes, a reliable power backup has become a need of the hour. And with increasing concern of moving out along with increasing temperatures it has become imperative to stay home which in turn is leading to increased power consumptions at home and leading to increased power-cut in India.

Hence people are now looking for the best power backup solution for their home which can provide long and reliable power backup. In this blog we will help you choose right inverter battery combo for your home in 3 easy steps .

What is an Ideal Power Backup System?

A reliable power backup system does not just provide long power backup but it also ensures that it supports all connected appliance appropriately so as there is no hindrance in the daily life.

An ideal Power Back up system is combination of an Inverter according to your load requirement and a battery which provides power at the time of power cut. It is very important to choose right Inverter battery combo for your home

How to Choose Right Inverter Battery Combo for your Home?

For choosing a right Inverter Battery combo, it is important to know your household load requirement.
To calculate load requirement, you need 2 basic understanding.

•   No of appliances you wish to run during power cut

•    Power Consumption of each appliance.

A depiction of load requirement is shown in below table

Appliance Power Consumption No. Of Appliances Total Required Power
FAN 75 W 4 300 W
TUBE LIGHT 20 W 3 60 W
LED LIGHT 9 W 8 72 W
TV + STABILIZER 125 W 1 125 W

With above set of appliances the load requirement during power cut is 582W. Basis this requirement we can calculate which VA rated inverter will be suitable for your home. (VA rating stand for volt ampere which is Inverter rating)
To calculate VA rating: Power Consumption x Safety Margin
In this case: 582W x 1.45 = 844 VA (approx.)
So, to run a load of 582W you will need an inverter of 900 VA.
For faster and easy calculation, you can access Luminous Load calculator here.

Know the Right Inverter Technology

Since by now you already know that you will require an inverter of 900va, next step is to understand type of inverter technology

•    Sine Wave Inverter

•    Square Wave Inverter.

Sine Wave Inverter

These inverters are best suited for areas with high power cuts and high fluctuation in power grid.

Square Wave Inverter.

These inverters provide same power frequency as provided by power grid at your home. Due to advanced technology these inverters are slightly expensive than square wave Inverter and keep your appliances safe and running seamlessly.

Choosing Right battery to Match your Inverter

The life and performance of an inverter are very much dependent on battery quality. The capacity of a battery is expressed in terms of Ampere Hour (Ah). It indicates:

•    No of back up hours

•    Power Requirement

•    Voltage of the battery

Power battery’s basic function is to store power and supply the same during the power cut. Inverter batteries are of 3 types: Tubular, Gel, Flat Plate.

Gel battery

It uses most advanced technology of gel in the battery and is 100% maintenance free battery. It gives consistent power backup with long lasting service life. The best batteries are safest to use as there is no chance of spillage.

Tubular Batteries

These batteries are several types: Tall Tubular, Short Tubular basis on the size of plates in which they come in. Hence you may choose these batteries as per the available space at your home

These are also low maintenance battery and provide longer service life. And these batteries are most popular in Indian market.

Flat Plate batteries

These batteries are suitable for the areas where there are short but frequent power cuts. These are quite economical but have short life span than tubular batteries.

buying Tip

Always choose an Inverter Battery combo from a well-established brand as these ensure high product quality, safety and hassle-free service support.

Choose from wide range of Inverter Batter combo from https://www.luminousindia.com/ , who is a market leader in the industry and ensures safety, efficiency, long lasting and best performing products.