Read About Why Lithium-Ion Battery is Best

Read About Why Lithium-Ion Battery is Best

Read About Why Lithium-Ion Battery is Best

While buying inverters, finding the best battery with a longer life is usually the main priority of many individuals. In events of frequent power cuts, surviving without a reliable inverter has become next to impossible for all of us who value comfort more than anything else. So, if you belong in the same category of individuals, move aside your regular inverter batteries today as we will be discussing why lithium-ion battery is better.  



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You must have come across both the batteries in the market. So, let's find out about these batteries and decide which battery is best: lithium ion or polymer, as suited to your needs and requirements. 


How is lithium-ion battery is better than polymer batteries?


You can find Lithium batteries most commonly in mobile phones. Holding the intense energy density, li-ion inverter batteries are rechargeable and highly reliable. 


The lithium batteries consist of two negative and positive electrodes, separated by electrolytes in the form of diethyl carbonate or ethylene carbonate. Lithium-ion battery is a low-maintenance battery. There is zero memory, and it doesn't get discharged on its own over time. Additionally, the self-discharge is way less when compared to the nickel-cadmium discharge cycle. There are various advantages of having a lithium-ion battery. Here are some of them- 


  1. Higher Power Density


If you buy a battery inverter, you should know about its capacity. Lithium batteries can support the devices at your place for a longer duration. 


  1. Easily Manageable 


The lithium batteries are low maintenance, so you do not have to put extra effort into maintaining them. Other batteries require extra maintenance, but lithium-ion batteries are a favourite amongst people for this one reason. 


  1. Lower Discharge Ratio


Various batteries lose anywhere around 15% within the first hour of charging, which is a problem for inverter batteries. But with a lithium-ion inverter battery, this is not the case. When the lithium-ion battery is not in use, it will not discharge on its own.


  1. Extra-fast Charging Capability


Lithium batteries can be charged faster and do not have to absorb the power. If the proper current is supplied, it will take around half an hour to charge a lithium battery completely. 



The polymer battery is also developed based on the lithium-ion battery as the cathode and anode material are like the li-ion battery. The polymer battery is available in different voltage ratings. They are also used with different types of connectors and offer numerous benefits.


The polymer battery has energy density and can keep the gadgets running for a longer period when required. The internal resistance in the polymer batteries is lower in the liquid batteries. This also contributes effectively and largely to extending the appliance running time. Now that we are aware of the advantages of both the batteries, lets find out about the disadvantages to better understand which battery is best:  lithium-ion or polymer.



Disadvantages of Lithium Ion and Polymer Battery 


There are a few minor disadvantages of lithium-ion and polymer batteries like:


Lithium-Ion Battery 


  • Battery longevity depends on the charge cycle in various scenarios. 
  • Since the lithium-ion battery uses advanced technology, the product cost might be higher than anticipated. 




Polymer Battery- 


  • Lower energy density
  • Less charge cycles 
  • High voltage may diffuse different gadgets 
  • If the battery is somehow punctured, the chemistry inside may erupt in a fire, causing a serious accident 
  • Not safe to keep in the house because of volatile nature
  • Extremely expensive when compared to other batteries 



Here you have all the advantages and disadvantages to determine which battery is best: lithium-ion or polymer, to make up your mind. People mostly prefer to have lithium-ion batteries at their home for the reasons mentioned above. If you are planning to buy a lithium-ion battery, you can opt for Luminous Li-On 1250, a lithium inverter with an in-built lithium Li-ion Battery. The Li-On battery capacity is 100 Ah/ 12.8V, and the backup time offered is 2 hours 30 minutes at 50% load. 



The in-built battery has 3X longer battery life, offers consistent backup, charges 3X faster, and is free of maintenance. Luminous offers the best inverter and batteries in the market and is a trusted brand making it a household name. You can check out the Luminous Li-On 1250 on their website.