Shifting from Traditional to Ornamental Switches

Shifting from Traditional to Ornamental Switches


Ever since the advent of electricity and then the invention of several tools to make this use of electricity easier, we have been very religiously using ordinary switches around in our homes to turn on and turn off the lights, fans and other appliances. Little did we think that these switches can actually be aesthetically crafted to ensure complete safety, durability and convenience of use. The Luminous range of modular switches provides you with ample choices to select from switches, socket ranges and other related accessories.Tested using the click application and completely guaranteed to surpass all your expectations and give you an experience that you will never forget. This range is reasonably priced, aesthetically designed and delivers true value for money.

Over the years, these switches have evolved into something more sophisticated to suit the taste and liking of many. They allow and give your home a ‘Hotel’ like feel with additional functionalities and features like multimedia, USB charging, light dimmers, night foot lamps, telephone sockets, fan regulators, data socket for internet cables etc.

Functionality at its best:
Luminous Modular switches are designed keeping in mind 4 core principles:

  • Safety : Luminous modular switches are made from fire retardant material. All sockets are shuttered to avoid accidental contact of your kids with any live electrical parts.All switches and sockets are ISI marked and follow international safety standards.
  • Long lifespan: Modular switches generally have a longer lifespan than regular non modular or semi modular switches. Infact Luminous modular switches are tested for more than 240,000 clicks.This can last you a lifetime.
  • User Friendly: The ease for use allows you to easily add switches,sockets, fan regulators and other functions without much effort.Since Luminous switches are 100% modular,they easily snap fit into their position.
  • Aesthetics: Luminous modular switches are aesthetically pleasing, they fit perfectly in modern interiors and integrate seamlessly into your walls. They are available in various colours, designs, textures and combinations.

Evolution of Modular switches from traditional to Modern and ornamental
Now bid goodbye to boring white switches and welcome the new range of vibrance in your lives.
Modern day switches are like ‘art on the wall ’ inspired designs and are available in colors and themes other than white and traditional designs.
Other designs of Luminous modular switches that you can choose from are :

  • Laser Designs in a variety of themes for Kids room
  • International color options including Rose Gold & Silver Mist
  • Wooden finish
  • Graphite Grey

And for those of you who don’t want to experiment at all and still want white, Luminous ZOLIO and Luminous Vivace modular switches offer you white in a unique fusion of satin & gloss.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time and Vision with action can change the world.

True to the quote by Joel. A. Barker Luminous had a vision and this vision was turned into a beautiful reality especially for you with the support of a strong and dedicated team who constantly strives to make a difference in your lives.

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