Small Inverter | The Right Inverter Size for Home

Small Inverter | The Right Inverter Size for Home

Small Inverter | The Right Inverter Size for Home

The inverter market is expanding, and now there are various types of inverters available for you to choose from. From pure sine wave inverter to square wave, you get the different capacities to fulfil your power requirements. 


Buying an inverter is a hectic decision as there are various factors such as calculating the load, checking the technology, deciding the budget and such. But there’s one more thing that people often overlook- inverter size. 


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With the advanced technology now, there are compact-sized inverters that are best suitable for homes. They acquire less space, have an inbuilt digital display and are safe to keep around. Here’s everything you need to know about small inverters. 


What Exactly is an Inverter? 


An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to provide an uninterruptible power supply to house appliances during power cuts. An inverter is attached to the battery that stores the direct current. When the main power grid stops the power supply, the inverter starts distributing AC to the appliances within microseconds without disrupting the work. 


You can either buy a separate inverter and battery or an inverter with an inbuilt battery.


Features of Small Inverter for Home 


Inverters have had a bad reputation for being bulky. However, now that technology is developing, even this concern has been sorted. We now have small inverters with battery that have an array of features. Here are a few of them.


  • They are easy to carry around and acquire less space. 
  • Some of our small inverters for home come with a digital display to check backup and battery charge.
  • Our range of small inverters is highly advanced and is available in both square wave and sine wave technology. 
  • These inverters offer MCB protection. 
  • When paired with a battery of the right capacity as per the load requirement, small inverters can manage standard and high loads efficiently.
  • With zero lagging time, they start the power supply within microseconds to avoid any disruptions. 


Are UPS and Small Inverter for Home the Same?


A UPS inverter and small inverter are often confused with the same. However, they are not. UPS stands for Uninterruptible power supply. It is a type of inverter that supplies energy instantly after the power goes out. Unlike other types of inverters, UPS does not even take microseconds to resume the power supply. A UPS mainly supports heavy-duty appliances such as desktops during a power cut. 


A UPS mainly stores the power to supply during the power cut whereas a small inverter converts the direct current stored in the inverter battery to alternating current. A UPS provides the electrical backup by being directly connected to the appliances whereas a small inverter gives power backup supply to the equipment with the help of a battery.


The Final Thoughts


If you are also planning to buy a small inverter for home, you can go through our extensive range of home inverters. Luminous also offers the Li-On series, which has an inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery and offers consistent backup time. Our range of inverters comes with fast battery charging features that make the inverter ready to supply power during any situation, making it a favourite amongst people. We are India’s most trusted home inverter brand. We offer inverters that are safe to use, have zero spillage risk and take the minimum to zero maintenance.


Apart from lithium-ion battery, you can check out Optimus 1250, Icon 1100, Eco Volt Neo 1550, Eco Walt XL Rapid 1650, and more by Luminous. All these inverters are compact and highly efficient. Before buying, remember to check their capacity and whether they are capable of taking the load requirement or not. If you connect more appliances than the load capacity, the inverter will not be able to function properly as per its potential.  We are a brand you can rely on for all your power needs!



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