Switch to 3-phase Inverters, Forget Diesel Gensets

Switch to 3-phase Inverters, Forget Diesel Gensets

3-phase Inverters: Forget Diesel Gensets, Switch to 3-phase Inverters now!

Running heavy applications like office equipment, powering petrol pumps, banks, small to large businesses or running heavy machines like AC, Refrigerators, Cold Storages etc., the requirement of uninterrupted power supply is of paramount importance. Till a few years back, Gensets were the main power back up source for high load applications.This is not the case anymore, with advancement in Inverter technology, Inverters now offer unparalleled advantages when compared to Gensets.

New generation inverters offer uninterrupted supply and incur very low running costs, unlike Gensets. Also, unlike Diesel Gensets which have to run as per full load conditions thereby resulting in substantial fuel expenses, Inverters can run on partial load. Running generators on partial load reduces the efficiency of generators which results in higher consumption of fuel as well as reduced life of generator whereas Inverters operate with same efficiency at all load settings and, in fact, provide higher back-up time at partial loads.

Diesel gensets are also known to emit hazardous smoke resulting into the rise in pollution level. As a step to control the pollution levels, The Environment Pollution Control Authority, India, has banned the use of Diesel generators in Delhi barring NCR –in an order passed in 2017 when the national capital’s ambient air dipped to poor levels. The Hon’ Supreme Court mandated the ban. Inverters on the other hand are more eco-friendly and produce no hazardous smoke, while efficiently powering high load applications. All the more reason to prefer inverters over diesel gensets!

To provide power backup to a multistory buildings, commercial establishments and industrial facilities with higher power requirements, Luminous offers the widest 3 phase inverter range with load handling capacity from 5KVA to 100KVA. Luminous has been a preferred choice of customers such as commercial establishments like offices, showrooms, shopping malls, hospitals, lifts, hotels, schools, labs, petrol pumps, banks, telecom towers, ATMs and BPOs etc.

Luminous is India’s most trusted power back-up brand, with more than 30 years of legacy, winning more than 11 Million customer’s trust. Luminous has reliably met its commitment of delivering stellar products. Having a well-supported nationwide network of more than 30,000 channel partners and 24 x 7 service support centers, Luminous has ensured smooth accessibility as well as reliable after sales service. 

The Luminous Three-phase inverters rangeis capable of meeting requirements concerning reliability and quality of electrical energy supply in the most demanding applications at domestic/ industrial/ commercial establishments, which generally have a 3-phase power supply for running heavy loads, lifts, lighting loads, etc. Key features of the Luminous three-phase inverters are

•    Digital Signal Processing and IGBT based Sine Wave output

The Luminous 3 phase inverter are equipped with the latest digital signal processing (DSP)and IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor)based sine wave output ensuring that Inverters are highly efficient, have small form factor, thereby occupying less space. Luminous Inverters have the smallest footprint among all available competitor variants

•    Smart Battery Protections

The Luminous 3 phase inverter continuously monitor the Battery Status and thus prevents any fault resulting in battery or system damage. Also on reverse connection of the Battery, the system switches to protection mode and does not get on until the Battery is correctly connected. There is no MCB trip or blown fuse resulting from Reverse battery

•    Equipped with Intelligent fault sense and all required electrical protections

The Luminous 3phase inverters are equipped with intelligent protections for Grid low/High Voltage cut off, Battery Over voltage, Battery Low voltage, over temperature, Over Load, Output short Circuit etc.

•    Three Input Voltage Window

The Luminous 3 phase inverter have an option to choose between Wide, Medium and Narrow Mains voltage window setting. According to the setting selected, the system will cut the mains when the voltage varies beyond a preset voltage and switch to battery Mode. Choose the range according to the tolerance acceptable for the Output appliances.

•    Output voltage selection: 220V/230V

The Luminous 3 phase inverter Output is very stable with a tolerance of less than 2% within the full operating battery voltage range. To facilitate use with maximum appliances and ensure better performance of attached peripherals, two output voltage settings have been provided. Select between 220V and 230V AC as per your requirement.

•    Intelligent Phase Reversal detection

Luminous 3-Phase range has dedicated LED Indication for Phase sequence reversal of Input Grid supply. The Phase should be connected properly for normal operation of the system.

•    Intelligent LCD display for all system parameters and status with dedicated LED Indications

•    Supports Flat plate, Tubular, VRLA/SMF Battery

•    Lift Application*

Lift Pro systems are specially equipped with artificial intelligence to prevent Lift shutdown in between floors and safely ride off passenger during battery low condition.

Note: Lift Application is specific to only Lift Pro Models. Products above 10KVA will be available on demand