Things That Make Luminous the Leading Inverter & Battery Company in India

Things That Make Luminous the Leading Inverter & Battery Company in India

Things That Make Luminous the Leading Inverter & Battery Company in India

In semi-urban and rural areas, low electrification has led to a growing demand for power inverters, used as an alternative power source during power cuts and emergencies. Also, the heavy use of electronic devices and appliances, such as cell smart TVs, air conditioners, etc., has led to an increase in the demand of backup power. The industry has also seen many technological developments and new technologies being implemented to address changing customer needs. With seven production units, more than 28 sales offices in India, and a presence in over 36 countries, we are the one of the leading inverters & battery companies in India. We manufacture a wide variety of UPS home inverter systems and batteries that are conveniently split into smart variety, critical range, and power range. You need luminous inverters for the electrical devices in your home to shield them from untethered electrical grids. Luminous inverters are available in various sizes and are made with customer comfort in mind, making us one of the leading inverters & battery companies in India. Over the past three decades, we at Luminous have been committed to providing you with safe and energy-efficient solutions.

1. Benefits of Luminous Inverters and UPS Systems

• During power outages, our inverters and UPS systems supply power seamlessly, so that machines or appliances do not need to be turned off when the power goes off.

• In electronic devices, the sudden increase and fall in the amount of power supplied can damage sensitive components. Inverters and UPS systems secure computers when power fluctuations occur.

• They also serve as filters, allowing the devices to have a steady power flow. They continuously monitor incoming voltage for spikes, brownouts, interference with electromagnetics, etc.

• Some devices come with advanced features that conserve energy, which helps to reduce power wastage making us technologically advanced inverter and battery company in India.

At Luminous, we offer 5 types of inverters:

1. Standard Power Inverters

2. Premium Inverters

3. Connected Inverters

4. Integrated Inverters

5. High Capacity Inverters

Standard Power Inverter

This is our entry level range of series of inverters that effectively provide backup power during power cuts. Under this category, we have the following range of inverters:

• Eco Watt

The No. 1 Home UPS device is the Luminous Eco Watt. It is a robust inverter equipped with advanced programming for PCBs, microprocessors, and FSW transformers. It has an additional capacity for load handling to operate more loads with equivalent ratings than other UPSs and a built-in intelligent thermal management system to shut down in case of overheating. It is because of such features that we fall under the best inverter and battery companies in India.

• Eco Volt

The Luminous Eco Volt series is a range of sine wave inverters specifically equipped with durable, high-performance technology design and longer backup times for Indian power conditions. The series comes with Low voltage fast charging technology supplying full charging current to battery at low input voltages making it ideal inverter for rural , semi –urban territories. It is because of such features that Eco Volt Neo series has become the highest sine wave inverter selling series in India.

• Shakti Charge

The Shakti Charge square wave inverter series is India's fastest charging UPS series, best suited for rural and semi urban areas. This UPS is equipped with a heavy duty charger that charges batteries even at a low voltage. Equipped with a battery selection switch which optimizes the charging current and increases battery life and performance. It is ideal for areas which suffer from long power cuts and low input voltage.

• Premium Inverters

This is a range of inverters with a premium display that offers various top-of-the-line features. Under this category, we have the following range of inverters:.

• Zelio +

As the leading inverter and battery company in India, we give you the Zelio+ Power inverter series, one of India's smartest home inverters. You get state-of-the-art features such as digital display, Mains By-Pass switch, and MCB security at affordable prices. The Zelio+ Luminous inverter series comes with a smart display to show different parameters and statuses neatly. For example, it displays available backup time (in hours and minutes), battery charging status, operating mode, among other stuff, notifications for when to add distilled water, water level indicator (*external water sensor needs to be bought separately).

Connected Inverters

Under this category, we have the following range of inverters:

• Zelio Wi Fi

Zelio WiFi is the smartest power inverter with in-built Wi-Fi networking in India that enables you to track the power situation at home from anywhere in the world on a smartphone app.

• Zelio-i

Zelio-i is powered by Bluetooth networking, making it India's finest inverter. In addition to data monitoring using a smartphone app, the Bluetooth connection also allows you to control the power converter with its iControl feature. There are 4 sub-categories of iControl: a) Inverter On / Off b) High Power Mode c) Output Optimization Mode d) Holiday Mode designed to ease the customer's existence. These next-generation features make us the most competitive and technologically advanced inverter and battery company in India.

Integrated Inverters

Under this category, we have the following range of inverters:

• Regalia

Luminous Regalia has such a long list of noteworthy features that it should be purchased by anyone who wants to buy a next-generation product. Luminous Regalia is eco-friendly in many respects.  Firstly, instead of the old lead-acid batteries, it uses a Li-ion battery. It not only gives it a 3X long life but also makes it maintenance-free.  Second, by up to 15 percent, the device is more efficient than regular inverters.  Third, the batteries charge three times faster and use less electricity.

High Capacity Inverters

Under this category, we have the following range of inverters:

• iCruze

Luminous iCruze is a Super Inverter that, along with other lighting loads, can work various loads of high capacity such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machine, geyser, petrol pump, water pump, dental chair, photocopiers, deep freezer, etc. It is a power backup product for next-generation technology as it provides a pure sine wave supply, much like grid power. It thus preserves the life of your expensive home, office, or other workplace appliances. Hence, we are the leading inverter and battery company in India for household and industrial purposes.

• Cruze

Our high-capacity Cruze inverter is your best pick if you live in an area with regular and extended power cuts. It also operates huge loads of air conditioners, lamps, fans, and refrigerators in homes and offices alongside typical electrical appliances. While it is an ideal converter for running an office, it can also be used as a home inverter for extended hours. The ability to handle auto overload is just one of the remarkable features of this inverter. In the event of a failure in the home UPS system, the bypass switch helps supply electricity directly from the electrical grid. Low harmonic distortion renders it noiseless for operations. Along with these power inverters, Luminous is known as the leading inverter batteries companies in India because of the comprehensive range of inverter batteries we provide. The inverters and the appliances' proper functioning depends on the quality and performance of the inverter batteries. At Luminous, we provide 3 three types of inverter batteries:

1. GEL Battery

• Environmentally friendly

• Emits less harmful gases

• No Acid Spillage since it is sealed

• Easy to install

• Maintenance-free

• No Water top-up

• Consistent power backup supply

2. Tubular Plate Battery

• Longer service life

• More durable

• Longer warranty period

• Suitable for the areas that has long but fewer power cuts

• Can be further categorized into short and long tubular battery

3. Flat Plate Battery

• Suited for areas with short but frequent power cuts

• Less expensive

• Higher charging rate

• Low water loss

• Enhanced life span

We are one of the leading inverters and batteries brand in India with a wide range of innovative power backup products to solve your power outage problems. So, contact our experts today and know more about our power solutions!

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