What are the Lithium-Ion Battery Advantages?

What are the Lithium-Ion Battery Advantages?

What are the Lithium-Ion Battery Advantages?

When you are living in a location that is prone to frequent power cuts, you cannot function without an inverter – especially when your day depends on gadgets and appliances.

You do not only need to invest in a top-rated inverter, but a reliable and highly efficient inverter battery to meet your power requirements without any hassle.


But then again, how would you know which is the most efficient one? Which product can deliver the highest performance?


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The answer to both these questions is a Lithium Ion Battery. From homes to top industries, everyone is now relying on lithium-ion batteries for a bunch of reasons. We’ll be listing down all the lithium-ion battery advantages here. But before we do, let’s understand what Lithium-ion Battery is:


What is Lithium Ion Battery?


A lithium-ion battery is one that has lithium as its anode. The charge shifts from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode when it charges. Interestingly, lithium batteries were introduced way back in the 90s. However, it is only now that their applications are increasing owing to the numerous benefits they offer.  


Here are the many Lithium-Ion battery advantages that you need to know:


  1. Offers Fast Charging:


One of the many lithium-ion battery advantages is that it offers fast charging. A lithium-ion battery takes approximately 3-4 hours to charge. It is because a lithium-ion battery is highly efficient. Lithium can discharge and charge at a high rate, thereby offering maximum versatility for all types of applications. On the plus side, energy depletion and temperature fluctuations do not affect lithium’s power delivery.


Additionally, a lithium-ion battery accepts both partial and rapid charging to cut down your electricity bills. Fast charging can reduce downtime, and a lithium-ion battery’s high rate of discharge is ideal for a burst of power to meet your high energy demands.



  1. High Energy Density:


Now that our energy needs are increasing, high energy density has become necessary in inverter batteries. Energy density is the amount of energy that can be stowed in an inverter battery. The higher the energy density of a system or material, the greater the amount of energy it can store.


That said, another significant lithium-ion battery advantage is that it has high energy density.

Lithium-ion batteries offer twice the amount of energy density of nickel cadmium, making its charging capabilities much more efficient. This means that one would need two to three times the nickel cadmium battery cells to deliver the same power as one lithium-ion battery.


  1. Low-Maintenance


Standard inverter batteries require frequent water top-ups and service to ensure proper functioning. One of the significant lithium-ion battery advantages is that it does not require any extra care to prolong their life. The cost of maintenance is further reduced owing to this.



  1. Comes with a Long Lifespan:


One Lithium-ion battery advantage that justifies Lithium ion’s price, is that it comes with a long lifespan. Most lithium-ion batteries, when bought from trusted brands, can last for as long as 5-10 years depending on the number of cycles which is 2-3X longer than standard batteries.


Standard inverter batteries need to be maintained, needing frequent water replacement to prevent any structural damage; if that is not done properly, their lifespan can be shortened. However, as lithium-ion batteries do not demand active maintenance, they enjoy a longer lifespan.



Final Word:


From having a longer lifespan to offering high power density, we now know that the Lithium-ion battery’s advantages are many. That’s why lithium-ion batteries are being highly used not only in inverters but in several other electronics.

Hence, lithium-ion batteries should be your go-to-choice if you wish to get the best performance, and high efficiency.

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