What is a Solar Panel System ?

What is a Solar Panel System ?

What is a Solar Panel System ?

A Solar panel system contains various equipment from solar panels to solar inverter to solar batteries to mounting structure to install solar panels and a few things more! Let’s start from the most important equipment first –

1:Solar photo -voltaic Module/Solar Panels

Solar modules/Solar panels are the main component of the entire solar power system. They are made up of silicon semiconductor and designed to generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. There are different models/varieties available which totally depends upon the requirement of the user, location of the site and type of the roof.

2: Inverter/DC-AC Converter

Truth: Solar Inverter is a very important equipment as it converts DC (direct current) generated by Solar panels in to AC (Alternating current) in order to run the household equipment. Solar Inverters are like our normal inverters which we use in our home with some extra features like excess power feeding in grid technology or zero export feature

3: Module Mounting structure/Solar Structure

Truth: Solar panels need a stand on which they can be mounted. It’s mostly specialised metal columns fixed with nut and bolt or clamps. This stand are known as mounting structure, its design again depends on requirement of the user, location of the site and type of the roof. They are designed to withstand the forces of nature for at least 25 years!

4: Array Junction box/AJB

Truth: It’s a junction box which is installed between solar panel & solar inverter. Its main purpose is protection of the entire system. It’s placed where solar panels connect with the inverter. A MCB is fitted in this device to ensure protection from short circuit or surge in electricity

5: LT Panel/ACDB

Truth: It is placed between Grid/Main electricity line and Inverter. It is used for load distribution & also for protection of the system from leakage current coming from inverter side or from grid side.

6: Cables

Truth: Cables are required for current carrying from one point to another, there are two types of cable used in this system DC cable (connecting Solar module to Inverter) and AC cable (connecting inverter to Grid). PV protected cables are recommended for this application so that they can withstand the sun rays for many years and continue to operate without causing any trouble

7: Batteries

Truth: Batteries are used for storage of solar power generated from Solar panels in off-grid and hybrid system. These are low maintenance batteries custom made for solar applications.

8: Net Meter

Truth: Net meter is a bi-directional meter used in on-grid and hybrid systems to calculate the power exported in the grid and power your house consumed. It comes under the purview of the electricity distribution companies or DISCOMs so that they can keep track of the solar units generated by you and the savings can be reflected in your electricity bill.

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