What is a Tubular Battery? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Tubular Battery? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Tubular Battery? Everything You Need to Know

Tubular batteries are the new heroes in the market, given the enhanced suitability and performance they come with, especially with off-grid solar power plants. Now, as the solar industry is booming and its demand is increasing, tubular batteries are becoming even more famous.

However, with all this limelight, a significant number of people are unaware of its benefits, advantages and how it is different from the standard battery. Because taking into consideration only the appearance of both the batteries, they seem to be identical. The life expectancy, durability and performance of a tubular battery are, however, better than the standard flat plate battery.


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What is a Tubular Battery Made of?

All the batteries have two main parts, i.e., the electrodes and the electrolyte. Here, a battery is called tubular if the negative electrode is in tubular form. However, the other positive electrode remains to be the flat type.

The tubular batteries are lead acid-based batteries that are larger than the flat batteries. The tubular batteries are mostly seen in the inverter and UPS systems. The tubular batteries are made of a positive plate which is nestled within a tube that is wrapped in cloth and holds the electrical power of the electrode.

The tubular electrode design of a battery improves its performance. The tubular electrodes utilize a frame type structure consisting of a series of spines that are vertical and connected with a common bar. Each of these vertical spines is covered with a non-conductive tube filled in with a paste of lead oxide mass.

Is a Tubular Battery AGM or Flooded?

A tubular battery can be both flooded and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. If the electrolyte of this type of battery is made up of acid-shocked glass mat, then it will be called the AGM tubular battery. If the electrolyte is made of liquid acid, it will be called the ‘flooded tubular battery’. In addition, the battery’s performance and maintenance depend on the electrolyte type and the electrode it comprises. A tubular battery with AGM electrolyte requires no maintenance at all.

If the electrolyte of the tubular inverter battery is of the flooded category, then it would still require distilled water from one time to another in accordance with the maintenance procedure for functioning properly. However, if the electrolyte is gel-type, then the same would not be required. Even though this is the case, the maintenance requirement of the tubular inverter battery is lesser than the flat plate battery.

For a lead-acid battery, 50 per cent of the depth of discharge is a deep cycle. Moreover, tubular batteries are specifically designed for solar applications which require frequent deep discharge, low maintenance and higher charge cycles.

Why Choose a Tubular Battery?

Tubular batteries are durable but are suitable for a long-term supply of power. The tubular inverter battery type is much more convenient to use and also requires less refilling of water. These are way more reliable than the flat plate batteries and also have a longer warranty period. Even though the tubular battery price is slightly on the higher side, it is a great investment when it comes to reliability.

The Types of Tubular Batteries

The tubular batteries are available in several sizes and shapes and must be chosen depending on the availability of the storage space. The two main types of tubular batteries are:

  • Short tubular battery: This type of tubular battery is short in height and larger in width as compared to the tall tubular inverter battery. These batteries are more compact because of their smaller size.
  • Tall tubular inverter battery: This type of tubular inverter battery is taller as compared to the short tubular batteries, although these are narrower. The tall tubular battery type comes with a relatively longer standby period and is, therefore, recommended for households with enough storage capacity.

Tubular batteries have an excellent warranty, lasting up to 6 years and are made to withstand extremely high-temperature variations. Additionally, it turns the high voltage electrical power surge into a modest shift in voltage. The tubular batteries, therefore, provide a great amount of power for an array of applications. The tubular batteries require little to no maintenance and also have better thermal management.

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