1. What is the basic purpose of a fan?
Fans circulate the air and keep it in motion, maintaining fresh breeze that cools an area as well as keeps humidity levels in check. Fans also add ventilation and prevent inhalation of dangerous gases and fumes.

2. What are the different types of fans?
There are three basic types of fans that are available in the market :

  • The Ceiling Fan : The ceiling fan has several ranges coming under it such as aspiration, deco premium, deco classic and performance.
  • Portable Fans : Portable fans have various types coming under its wings which range from table fans, pedestal fans, wall mounted and the personal range.
  • Exhaust Fans : The kitchen/ bathroom exhaust fans come with ventilating features in plastic, axial and metal.

3. Why ceiling fans are required?
The primary purpose of a ceiling fan is to provide ventilation and improve air circulation to make you feel cooler by virtue of the velocity of air. It is like the comfort of a breeze in an otherwise warm day.

4. Why portable fans are required?
Portable fans are small, of a compact size and allows for easy transport. It is suitable for cooling personal spaces and can be placed on floors, desks, tables or counter tops. They are affordably priced and offer economical cooling.It has an adjustable height for convenient operation. Many have oscillating heads for more air distribution. They are great for cooling large rooms.

5. Why exhaust fans are required?
Exhaust fans greatly reduce or eliminate problems created by excess moisture, prevents paint from peeling, doors from warping and accumulation of mold spores. These eliminate and exhaust stagnant air and odour out of bathrooms making it a must-have product in every home


A ceiling fan is a configuration of fan blades mounted on an electrically driven motor suspended from the ceiling of a room. The motor rotates the blades to circulate air in the room. Ceiling fans typically rotate slower than other types of air circulating fans, such as portable fans.

Let us first understand the components that are part of a ceiling fan:


It is an induction motor designed to operate on 220/240 volts 50 Hz single phase supply (your domestic supply). Some new technologies of Brushless Direct Current Motors (BLDC) are also beginning to be used but they too operate directly on your domestic supply.

  • The motors output power design is decided by the manufacturers to suit the blade set meant for that motor, segmenting the fans into different models. Please note : DO NOT USE BLADES OF ANY OTHER MODEL WITH ANY OTHER BLADE SET
  • The Motor is constructed of various parts like Stators, which has core of electrical steel stampings and it has copper windings .This is where the input power is supplied with a capacitor in circuit .Around the periphery of Stator is another part called Rotor, placed in top and bottom covers enabling it to rotate freely with the aid of two Ball Bearings fitted in the covers.
  • The Rotor has a core of Electrical steel laminations but instead of windings like Stator it has Aluminum die cast bars in its slots .Induced current is generated in the Rotor and this causes rotation of covers with which Fan blades are fixed.
  • There is an air gap between the outside periphery of Stator and Inside of Rotor ensuring the Stator and Rotor do not get in contact with each other.
  • At Luminous , we use Hi Perm Steel for Stampings which gives higher efficiency by having lower losses . We use 99.9% electrolytic copper ensuring lower long life of noiseless service ,The top and bottom cover of watt losses .The pre greased pre sealed ball bearings ensure Luminous fans are made of Die Cast aluminum covers and are mostly of larger sizes than other brands ,thus ensuring no rust possibility and much greater heat dissipation further adding to higher efficiency .


The Ceiling fan blades (of other brands) come in sheet metal or Aluminum or Wooden materials .Of these, sheet metal has higher possibility of corrosion particularly in the coastal areas .Wood blades tend to warp as we have extreme climatic conditions in India. Aluminum although more expensive than sheet metal is the best choice in terms of Blade selection.

At Luminous, all our fans are of Aluminum blades thus making them non corrosive and Good to go for longer life

There are also options of 3, 4, 5 blade leaves in one set .Of these, 3 blades turn out to be best in Indian conditions where you need more air throw /air delivery.

At Luminous, we have models in all options for you to select. Many ceiling fans designed for the home comes with standard four or five blades.


The ceiling fan comes with a down rod and set of shackles to connect the ceiling with the fan .Optimum length of down rod and other installation parameters follow

The 4-blade and 5-blade fans are largely selected by customers for aesthetic reasons and not for giving more air delivery. The 4 or 5 Bladed fans run at lower speeds and normally are quieter though air delivery is the casualty.


This is the current trend in the Indian market and it gives us immense pleasure to state that we are the pioneers in India for the same .The latest in technology for Indian conditions are the fans designed and produced by us in our State of Art factory.

These are with LED Integrated design, developed for delivering good air delivery and much higher lumens output per watts consumed, thus giving brighter light and wider spread of light. These are also presented with remote Regulator provision and compatible Remote Hand Set.

Most brands in India have Light Fans imported from China which have 4 or 5 or more number of blades, some with wooden blades .Also most of these have the outdated light bulbs. In any case weaker motors, lower speeds and lower air delivery are designed as these fans are meant for western world and not suitable for India.


The fans are available in large number of paint Colour shades ,Matt finish ,Glossy ,Metallic with or without embellishments on the motor and /or blades .Electroplated fan finishes are also available .It is for you to choose what compliments your home décor and taste.

Luminous has a wide range of shades, finishes and decorations which not only matches your need but also will be the one to enhance your lifestyle.


You know that Colours and Finishes is not enough .It is the world of Style. So whats your Style ..Your Choice ..the Genre of your Home Décor .Is it Classic and Traditional..or Modern and Chic..or Contemporary or even Futuristic Or are you the few and passionate ones to go for Eclectic?

If you are a discerning buyer with a flair for individual Style, have a look at Luminous Signature Range …a new dimension in Fans Styling which no other brand has.

Now we will talk about Some PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS you should be aware about before purchasing a fan:

Air Delivery: This is the quantum of Air discharged over the area where the air is thrown .It is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters per minute). Good Air Delivery is 230 CMM.Do check this out for comparable models of different brands and you would find Luminous to stand apart .

Wattage Consumed: This is the parameter which would tell you how high your monthly electricity bills will be. The parameter is Watts. Different sweeps of Fans have different Wattages and you must check this before buying. Luminous fans being manufactured with the best materials/optimum designs and state of art machines have higher efficiency and hence lower losses and lower watts consumption compared to other brands.

Speed of Fans : This is termed as RPM (Rotations per minute of the blades). Different parameters are for different sweeps. For the standard 1200 mm (48), there are two models loosely termed as Hi Speed and Normal Speed. The High Speed fans normally run at 370/380 rpm or so whereas the Normal Speed at about 330/340 rpm .However do not be misled that Higher Speed fans will necessarily discharge higher air delivery, It may have lesser deep blades and may keep churning in the air without delivering breeze to you because motor and blade may not be designed most congruently.

Best is to check the Wattage and Air Delivery and not just the speed .Unless you are buying Luminous where for every model the motor and Blade design is optimally married to give best performance.



It is the full size of the blade span which is the diameter of the circle that you see when the fan blades are in motion. Or, in other words, fan blade span reaches from the tip of one fan blade to the tip of the blade directly across.

Ceiling fans in India are available normally of following sweep sizes :

  • 600mm(approx. 24 inches )
  • 900mm(approx. 36 inches)
  • 1050mm (approx. 42inches)
  • 1200mm (approx. 48 inches )
  • 1400mm (approx. 56 inches )

Some companies have few models in odd sizes too like 1220 mm –1250mm-1300mm etc. The standard size is considered as 1200 mm and most of the variety is available in this size.

Deciding the sweep of fans required is the first parameter. One can move on to deciding correct location of installation of fan, length of down rod (based on height of ceiling) ,aesthetics, colour shade, finish ,with or without integrated LED light etc.

Apart from measuring the size of room and the height of ceiling, it is also important to measure the distance of the side wall(s) or any partition /obstruction from the point of hook installed in ceiling for hanging the ceiling fan

Let us first look at the room sizes and the appropriate fan sizes (sweeps) to go with it:

1. Less than 50 sq feet

Small Bathrooms/Powder Rooms, Utility Rooms, Walk in Cabinets, Narrow Longish Balconies ,Small Puja nooks, Narrow Longish kitchens. 600mm /900mm sweep

2. 50 to 75 square feet

Full Bath Rooms, kitchens, Study Rooms, Single Bed Rooms ,Office Rooms ,Wider balconies ,Regular Puja Rooms 900mm/1050mm sweep

3. 75 to 160sq feet

Bed rooms, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms ,Studios 1200mm sweep

4. 160 to 250square feet

1400mm sweep if room is of almost square configuration. If the room is a rectangle or L shaped ,then 2 fans of 1050mm or 1200 mm sweeps


  • If it is outdoor, then one size larger fan will be required.
  • If fan is to be installed in room with higher ceilings then one sweep size higher should be considered since the natural air flow may create hindrance and negate some air throw of the fan.
  • If more number of fans are to be installed in the room or hall , then the optimum distance between the tips of the blades should be ……….mm(….inches).This will ensure no conflict of the conical air throw of both fans.
  • If the fan is to be installed close to any wall or partition ,please check and ensure that the distance of blade tip and wall or partition is at least ……………inches).This too will ensure no back suction of the air throw delivered by the fan and reflected by the wall.

Length of Down Rod required for optimum air dispersal and maximum cooling comfort

The length of down rod required depends upon the height of the ceiling of the room. For safety reasons, a ceiling fan should always hang at least 7 TO 7.5 feet above the floor. For higher ceilings, the height of blades from floor should be 8.5 feet or so.

What should be the minimum distance between the ceiling and the blade sweep?

For adequate air flow there should be at least 9 to 10 inches of air space between the blades and the ceiling.This is a kind of concession for Low Ceiling heights though the preferred distance is 12 inches or more (in case of much higher ceilings)

What are the sizes of downrods of Luminous ceiling fans

Different companies have different lengths of Down rods .Length of downrods of our fans range from 220…….mm(…8.6 inches approx) in Utility Models to …..275 mm(approx10.8 inches) in Performance /Premium models.When the fan is assembled then the distance of blade from ceiling translates to ……455mm(18…..inches) to 510……20…inches) respectively


As the name suggests these are quite Portable and require placing the fan wherever you want. All you have to do is to just connect to the power supply and start enjoying the breeze. Some models like wall mounted fans etc require minimum installation of only fixing the clamps on the wall or ceiling for fan to be easily slotted into these. Luminous has a wide variety of Portable fans ranging from 175mm (7”) to 500mm (20”) sweeps. The range covered is as follows:

--Personal fans,

--Wall /ceiling mounted fans for personal cooling

--Table/Pedestal /Wall fans for domestic purposes

--Pedestal fans for commercial and industrial cooling

Models are available in Normal Speed (1350 rpm ) and High Speed(2100 rpm upwards ) and in a wide variety of Colours and Finishes .

We have a variety of Oscillating and Non Oscillating models in various sweeps.

We also have models of Pedestal Fans with Remote speed regulator/BLDC motor for energy saving.

Let us explore few components that are part of the portable fans:


These are with high automatically speed machine wound stators which give higher efficiency output. 99.9% pure electrolytic copper wire is used in 100% of our products .


Our motors are fitted with self-aligning sintered bronze bearings which ensure self-circulating oil lubrication and thus noiseless operation.


Most of the components are made of high grade engineering plastic which gives a smooth classy feel to the products along with providing long life to the fan.


The blades in models meant for domestic purposes are made of durable plastics with aerodynamic design which ensures smooth air flow with long range throw. Fans for commercial and industrial applications use sturdy metal blades.


Exhaust Fans or Fresh Air Fans, are fans that make our homes surroundings Hygienic & Habitable. These fans conventionally vent air from inside to outside, or from one room to another. For domestic purposes, these are largely used in kitchens and bathrooms .Heavy duty fans are used in basements, warehouses, factories etc.Luminous offers a wide range of Ventilating fans for Domestic needs.

They remove bad odour, humidity, stale air from the area and improve air quality by creating air changes with fresh air. Such bad air if not exhaled out of the room can damage the building materials and add mold growth but more importantly can cause huge health damage over a period of time to the persons inside the bathroom or kitchen.
The day to day impact of not using ventilating fans mainly in kitchens is that the person is sapped of his/her energy and will always be tired and cranky.


There are a wide variety of Ventilation Fans:


Metal fans without Guards in 230mm and 300mm sweeps
Metal fans with Guards in 230mm and 300mm sweeps (Sturdy bird guards for safety and protection)
Luminous only has metal fans with guards for extra safety & protection


These fans have plastic shutters on the outside, which are closed when the fan is not in operation, so help in blocking ingress of water, wind and birds. These fans are available in following sweep sizes:
- 150mm
- 200mm
- 250mm


These are normally used in drawing air from one side of room to the other side or in smaller room sizes.

The best application is having an air conditioner in one room and helping cold air transfer some to other small room across the partition.

If the washroom has no wall for exhaust, then these fans can be used to transfer stale air through false ceiling to outside wall)

These fans are available in following sweep sizes:

Type of Fan Applications
Metal Fan: Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement etc.
Shutter Fan: Kitchen (with Chimney), Bathroom etc.
Axial Fan: Small Cabin, Small Washroom, Room in between (with no exhaust wall) etc.
Metal Fan with Double Ball Bearing: Semi Commercial Kitchen, Bigger Basement, medium scale Warehouse etc.


The ventilating fans are decided on the basis of their abilty to move quantum of air, which is dependent on the size of room. So basis room size, chose the sweep size with following table:


It is recommended to mount the fan on a wall opposite the inlets and at highest possible level normally not less than 7’ so that any smoke, steam or odor laden air, warmer than ambient temperature within the room and having tendency to arise, can be effectively exhausted.

The exhaust fan should be installed at a higher level than ceiling fan blades, if both are located in same area. The sketch shows correct installation of exhaust fans.


Now that you know all about fans and its various available siblings, go straight ahead and buy the fan that suits your home the best. Happy Shopping!! Click here to buy now!

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