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home ups buying guide


Planning to buy a new UPS or upgrade the existing one? Whatever be the reason, it is very important to first understand which is the right UPS and battery for your home. Let us help you out with the frequently asked questions with a hope to cover all relevant points in helping you choose the perfect UPS and battery for your homes.


What is a UPS?
A UPS is a device which converts DC current into AC current. A UPS comes of use in homes when there is a power cut. A UPS works on a battery so when power is available, it stores current in a battery but when electricity goes off, it supplies current from the battery to all the required appliances.

What are the different types of UPS?
From the technology point of view, there are two types of UPS available in the market

  • Pure Sine wave : A pure sine wave UPS provides grid like power.It reduces noise from fans, fluorescent lights, amplifiers, television and are better suited to sensitive items such as laptops, computers, stereos and laser printers.
  • Square wave: A square wave UPS is baseline UPS which provides electricity when power is not available.

What is the difference between 12, 24, and 48 volt UPS?
Every UPS is rated in VA and Volt . VA is the capacity of a UPS to run peak load and volt is the number of batteries required to connect with the UPS. The battery which is used in UPS application is of 12 Volt.Hence, a 12 Volt UPS means = 1 battery is required ans 48 Volt UPS = 4 batteries are required.

What is the difference between ECO mode & UPS mode in UPS?
There are two modes given in a UPS

  • Eco mode: In eco mode, the UPS supplies wider range of voltage from 100V - 290V.
  • UPS mode: If you want quality power and no fluctuation in your home then keep your UPS on UPS mode. All the sensitive appliances requires input voltage from 180 V - 260 V. So keep UPS mode on for running sensitive appliances.

What is the difference between Eco Watt, Eco Volt, Rapid Charge, Shakti Charge & Zelio UPS?
Each UPS has a unique value proposition and their aspects are given as follows:

  • An Eco Watt is a basic UPS
  • The Eco Volt is a sine wave UPS
  • The Rapid Charge is suitable for those who wish to run a load upto 1200 watts on single battery
  • The Shakti Charge provides higher charging current which means it can charge the battery in 6-8 hours while batteries in other UPS get charged in 10-12 hours
  • Zelio has a backup time display whenever electricity goes off, you can see how many hours of backup can be taken on the UPS.

1.What is my power requirement?
One of the most important things that you must know before buying a UPS is your “power requirement”. In simple words: What all electrical appliances (like CFL, tube lights, fan, television, computer, refrigerator etc.) will you run at the time of power cut. Power requirement is addition of the power consumed by various electrical appliances.

2. How do I calculate Power Requirement?
Suppose you want 3 Fans, 3 Tube lights, 8 LED lights, 1 television & 1 refrigerator to operate at the time of power failure. The power consumed by these items will be total of the power consumed by these individually:
1 Fan – 70 Watts
1 tube light – 40 watts
1 led light – 7 watts
1 led television – 70 watts
1 Refrigerator - 140 Watt

Therefore your total power requirement is (3*70 +3*40 +8* 7 + 1*70+ 1*140) = 596 watts.

3. What all appliances can I run on my UPS?
A UPS is usually recommended for running energy backup for lights, ceiling fans, computers, television etc. If you wish to run the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner etc. you need to buy higher capacity UPS.


1. What is VA?
VA stands for Volt Ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the UPS to the equipment.

2. How do I find the VA rating of the UPS I need for my home ?
Your appliances need more VA than the power requirement in Watts due to the nature of the devices. The ratio is called Power factor.Hence Power supplied (or VA rating of UPS) = Power requirement (power consumed by equipment in watts) / Power factor.Usually at homes, power factor ranges from 0.65 - 0.8, taking 0.7 for the calculations,

Power of UPS (VA) = 596/0.7 = 851 VA

So a UPS with 900 VA will be the right choice for your home.

3. What is the difference between Volt Amperes & Watt?
The UPS Capacity is measured in VA which is Voltage Amphere.Higher the VA, higher the capacity of the UPS to run peak Load. Usually, to find wattage, we multiply VA rating by 0.8 (power factor of UPS). i.e. 900 VA means 720 watt.


1. Why does a UPS need a battery?
The performance of a UPS largely depends on the battery. Battery stores the energy needed to run your appliances during power cut.

2. How much backup will a UPS provide?
This is determined by battery capacity. It is expressed in Ah (Ampere Hours).
Luminous batteries are available from 60 Ah - 220 Ah.

3. How do I finalize which one I would need from my home ?
To find this out let’s do a reverse calculation. Consider that you need a battery that provides backup for 2 hours for running appliances of load 851 VA (596 W).

Battery capacity = Power requirement (in VA) * Back up hours (in hrs) / Battery Voltage (in volts)

For lead acid battery, battery voltage = 12 V.

Battery Capacity = (851 * 2) / 12 = 142 Ah

In reality battery performance degrades with usage, so you are recommended to buy 5-10% higher capacity battery.Therefore a battery with a capacity of 150 Ah will work for you.

So if you want to run 3 Fans, 3 Tube lights, 8 LED lights 1 television & 1 refrigerator for 2 hours during power failure you would need 900 VA UPS and 150 Ah battery.

4. Would I need a Single battery or a Double battery?
Now suppose your power back up requirement is 4 hrs for the same power load.

Battery Capacity required = (851*4) / 12 = 284 Ah ~ 300Ah

Since batteries are available between 60-200Ah, you will need 2 battery of 150Ah (in series) to provide 300 Ah. Two batteries together create 24 V output, hence you need to choose UPS which supports 24V input.

5. What are the types of Batteries that are available?
Lead acid batteries come in flat plates or tubular (rod shaped) plates.

  • Flat plate batteries: Flat plate batteries come in small height containers, and are suitable for low power cut areas as their designed cycle life is low.
  • Tubular Plate batteries: Tubular batteries come in small as well as tall containers, they typically have longer design life, suitable for all areas. Due to the longer life, they are replacing flat plate batteries in UPS battery applications.

Plates should be constructed from highly pure lead alloy with high pressure casting machines to ensure low maintenance and long life..


1. What are the other important features that I would need to consider before buying a UPS?
The other important features that you would need to consider before buying a UPS are as follows:

  • Warranty: Higher warranty indicates longer life and superior quality. Typically, warranty on batteries range from 12 months to 48 months.
  • Float indicators & vent plugs: Batteries have conveniently placed visible float indicators, so that you don’t miss topping up water when needed. Vent plugs should be designed to ensure that the gas pressure inside the battery is regulated.
  • Terminal Protectors: Batteries should come with terminal protectors to ensure utmost safety to the consumers. These protectors prevent chances of accidental electrical shock.

2. Can I buy a UPS & battery online?
Power cuts are common issue in our lives, it is essential to install a UPS battery combo for uninterrupted power. Luminous the trusted brand for UPS and UPS batteries is selling its product directly to consumers through its website luminous eShop.com
Let us tell you why it is safe to buy UPS and batteries from our eShop:

  • Trustworthy brand: The products bought from the eShop would be 100% original as you are buying directly from brand. All the products listed on the website would be latest launches from Luminous.
  • Safe and fast delivery: In addition of getting a genuine and latest make product, you will also get your products in 2-3 days as it will be delivered from nearby store from your city to ensure fast and safe delivery.
  • Easy Installation: The UPS and UPS battery requires installation with your main line connection coming from grid. If you buy from luminous eShop, we would send our trained engineer to do the installation.
  • Proper guidance depending on requirement: Buying UPS and battery require some basic understanding of the products – like knowing VA/Ah and what is suitable according to your requirement. For instance, you might want to run Refrigerator in your home, all the UPS cannot run refrigerators, eShop product sales team would recommend products as per your requirement.
  • Easy Payments:luminous eShop also gives large options to make payments online through Debit, Credit, Net banking, Wallet, Cash card, EMIs etc., In case none of option is working for you, We would arrange Cash on delivery for you.
  • Round the clock customer service: The service will be provided directly through the authorized service center. If you face any problem with your product in warranty period, just call on our toll free service helpline number 1800 103 3039 and the engineer would visit your home and take care of everything from repairing a product to replacing the batteries.
  • Buy back option for old batteries: Do not worry if you already have an old battery lying at your home and it is not giving backup. Luminous eShop has buy back options for such batteries; you can simply get your old battery exchanged for a new one. The Cash back amount will be given to you at the time of delivering new product.
  • Warranty on online purchases:Luminous gives warranty to consumer irrespective of source of sale whether you buy it online or from a nearby offline retail store. Customer will get warranty from the nearby service center.

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