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“ Before the lights go out...conquer the energy crisis before it conquers us!”
Luminous is all about innovating to perfection and ensuring complete benefit to consumers worldwide. The conception of the Solar Panel by Luminous came into being after a lot of thought and research.The Luminous Solar has been carefully crafted taking into consideration that is completely safe, environment friendly, long lasting and a pioneer in its race of going green. As we read further, we shall also learn about its other additional components, technical specifications with calculations that are equally important and play a huge role in making this product so unique and completely stress-free.

Know your solar energy solution

Switching over to solar energy isn’t an easy and cheap decision to make. It’s a major decision which can affect the quality of life that you and your family will live for the rest of your time on earth. There are a number of things you need to know about solar power before you can arrive at a decision. So, to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family, we have provided the reasons and an in depth analysis on why going solar is the most lucrative option

  • Solar power benefits the environment
  • Solar energy helps you save money
  • Solar power helps you be independent of electricity
  • Solar panels are easy and safe to install
  • Solar energy can be used anytime of the day

Power requirement

1. What is my power requirement?
One of the most important things that you must know before buying a UPS is your “Power Requirement”. In simple words: What all electrical appliances (like CFL, tube lights, fan, television, computer, refrigerator etc.) will you run at the time of power cut. Power requirement is addition of the power consumed by various electrical appliances.

2. How do I calculate Power Requirement?
There is a step by step procedure by which we can calculate the power requirement in order to choose the perfect solar solution for your homes...

  • First you will need to calculate the sum total of loads in Watts.
  • Multiply the load sum total by 1.67 to get UPS VA rating.
  • Choose a UPS based as per the above VA rating. Note the Current and Voltage specs.
  • Select battery voltage compatible with UPS AH as per the backup requirement.
  • Divide the daily energy consumption (Watt Hours) by 3 to get approximate panel size in Watts.
  • Make sure that the voltage and current of solar array are compatible with the UPS.
  • Your UPS and Solar sizing is now complete.


    S.No Equipment Power Rating (Watts) Nos. Load Duty Cycle (Hours) Daily Energy Consumption (Watt Hours)
    1. Fan 60 4 240 2 480
    2. LED Light 10 3 30 2 60
    3. Tubelight 40 3 120 2 240
    4. TV 100 1 100 2 200
    Total Load (Watts) 490 Daily Energy Consumption (Watt Hours) 980

    UPS Sizing:
    In the above example we are getting Sum Total of Loads = 490 watts
    Therefore UPS VA rating = 470 x 1.67 = 816.7 VA
    Therefore take 850 VA UPS which is close to the above calculated no.

    Note: NXG 850 VA solar UPS supports Battery Voltage of 12V and 30 ampere Current Rating.

    Battery Sizing:
    As the selected UPS supports 1 no. of 12V battery, hence use one 12V battery with this UPS .
    Battery AH = (Total daily Watt-Hours*1.9)/(12*no. of batteries) = (940*1.9)/12*1
    = 155 AH

    Hence choose a 150 AH solar battery.

    Panel Sizing:
    Panel size = Daily Energy Consumption in Watt -Hours/3 = 980/3 = 326.7 W
    Since UPS supports 12V system, we need 12V panels say 100Wp or 150Wp

    Hence install 3 x 100Wp panels in parallel or 2 x 150Wp panels in parallel

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    What is my power requirement?

    How do I calculate Power Requirement?



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