Cash Back Offer

The Buy Back (Cash Back) scheme is for customers who already have Home UPS Battery with them and want to replace it with a new one.


Buy Back Process :

  1. If you intend to purchase a new battery under the Buy Back offer than you need to intimate us in advance by
    1. Applying the Buy Back Coupon while purchasing – Coupon code BUYBACK
    2. Prior intimation by mailing at, or by contacting us on our Sales Support Phone No 18001030577, mentioning your order details.
    3. The delivery team would check the value of your old used battery at the time of delivery of new battery, after examining its condition and the capacity.
    4. Buy Back amount would be paid by delivery team at the time of product delivery and after you handover the old battery.
    5. You will also be required to give a declaration that Luminous can take your old UPS battery.


Buy Back Amount:

Buy Back value would depend upon the physical condition and the capacity (in Ah) of the battery. The delivery team would check the value of battery after examining its condition, while they deliver the new battery. However the exchange value would roughly vary in the following approximate range:

  1. Battery Capacity 150 Ah and above: Buy Back Amount Rs. 2000/-
  2. Battery Capacity 135 Ah and below 150 Ah: Buy Back Amount Rs 1500/-
  3. Battery Capacity 120 Ah and below 150 Ah: Buy Back Amount Rs 1000/-


The value would also depend on the location and market dynamics apart from the battery condition and the capacity: The minimum battery capacity eligible for Buy Back offer would be 120 Ah.