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Clean energy is an urgent need of the hour for sustainable development. To combat climate change and to save earth, under PAPA, we have planted 5000 plants in Gagret, Himachal Pradesh.

Under Britening Solar Light Project, we have lighted 10 villages in Baddi, and installation of 75 more are underway. Additional 25 more solar fuelled street lights will be installed in villages across Himachal Pradesh. This is a dual pronged strategy; clean source of energy is being employed to illuminate dark villages, which in turn reduces cases of crimes and improves safety.

Environment | Luminous India



Installation of 100 solar powered street lights across villages in Himachal Pradesh


500+ saplings planted in Gagret

We are living on a ticking time bomb. David Attenborough, a noted natural historian, predicted that “collapse of the civilization is on the horizon” at the UN Climate Summit in Poland. Studies have shown that carbon emissions are set to rise. If carbon emissions are not rapidly reduced, the catastrophe would be at an unprecedented scale, the likes of which are already being witnessed in various parts of the world in the forms of massive floods, droughts, wild fires, earthquakes, coastal erosions, etc. Apart from natural disasters, it will also cause mass displacements leading to socio-demographic imbalances with political consequences.

The most desirable ways of getting CO2 out of our atmosphere is through our two major natural carbon sinks: oceans and forests. Oceans are already being artificially injected with atmospheric CO2 to catalyse the process of carbon sequestration, but with negative consequences on marine life. The other and the more desirable option is by photosynthesis through forestation. Apart from reducing the amount of CO2 and thereby regulating global temperature, it also has numerous other benefits, mainly to combat natural disasters, and by drastically improving quality of life.

A major part of carbon emissions come from combustion of fossil fuels. Non-renewable sources of energy have to be replaced with renewable sources to reduce emissions. India’s total energy generation for the FY 2017-18 is at 1486.5 TWH. 81.9% of this energy was generated from fossil fuels, of which 62% is met exclusively from coal, a major pollutant and a non-renewable source of energy ,which is depleting at an alarming rate. For India to fulfill her pledge at Paris Climate Agreement of generating 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022, both the state and private entities have to work synchronously. In this direction, Luminous is leading the way by installing solar powered street lights and and planting 5,000 saplings under mission Victory Solar Light Project and Pollution Abating Plantation Abhiyan (PAPA), respectively.

Environment | Luminous India

Victory Solar Light Project

Investing in solar powered streetlights is a multi pronged process. Firstly, this popularises solar technology even in remote villages of Himachal Pradesh. People become aware of the cost and environmental benefits of harnessing solar energy. The residents of the locality are involved in the process of installation and maintenance of the street lights. They are also trained to carry out subsequent maintenance works, thereby generating employment and inducing skill development. Secondly, it minimises crimes and improves safety. It also will also decrease incidents of road accidents due to lack of visibility. Thirdly, it illumines villages, allowing businesses to stay open for longer and hence improving profit and augmenting economic development.

Pollution Abating Plantation Abhiyan (PAPA)

PAPA is a drive to reduce pollution and protect the environment. 5,000 saplings will be planted as a step towards cleaner environment. Plantation would be followed by support and hand-holding for a year. The programme also includes community sensitisation for their collective involvement, so as to create a sustainable movement that would create a ripple-effect.

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