How to choose best fan for your beautiful homes?

Need help in choosing the perfect Fan that will compliment your home Décor? Look no further than Luminous, India’s best brand in designer fans. This section will guide you to explore our range of beautiful fans


Let your home reflect the grandeur and splendour of the home of royals – Jaipur. The opulent and extravagant designs of the fans in this range truly epitomize the rich culture and vibrant history of this illustrious city.


Nothing exudes class and sophistication like London. Transport your home to the imperial era with these fans that are reminiscent of the elegant stature and aristocratic heritage of the British capital.


The vibrant, eclectic city of Rio comes alive in these fans that truly symbolise its pulsating energy in every way. The eclectic designs and lively colours of the fans under this theme are sure to appeal to a free-spirited urban audience.

New York

Modernity meets luxury in this trendy range influenced by New York. Bring home the iconic spirit of this city with these fans that display a unique combination of chic style and cosmopolitan flair.


Luminous has taken a leap ahead to revolutionize the world of fans by bringing energy efficiency to the fore. These fans are a delight to look at and consume 40% to 50% less power. This means your electricity bills will get slashed considerably.
At Luminous, with the spirit of integrating efficiency into the Indian household, we have introduced the widest range of designer energy-efficient fans in the country. We have been pleasing consumers with our innovative designs and technology.

Designer Energy Efficient Fans | Luminous India
whisper Series Range Fans | Luminous India

Silent Fans Range
- Whisper

Luminous has bring forth a beautiful range of noiseless fans with refreshing designs. The unique designs of the blades enable quiet operation to help you experience pin-drop silence with easy relaxation. These fans have modern designs, high air delivery, and energy-efficiency.
New York Chelsea is the most silent fan in India. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this fan is also energy efficient, consuming 40% less power. These noiseless fans give you everything that you desire in a ceiling fan.


First IOT enabled fan by Luminous! Control and convenience at your fingertips. Apart from the remote, our Smart fan can be controlled using Luminous SmartLife App, wherein the user can manage fan speed on a 5 step dial as well as power it ON/OFF. It can be voice controlled through AMAZON Alexa as well.
Luminous Audie 1200mm Mirage White IOT Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan with Remote ensures beautiful looks, powerful performance, and remote and smartphone app controlled operation, with voice controlled Alexa compatibility.

Smart Fans | Luminous India


ASPIRATION RANGE Crafted with integrated functional LED lights, here’s a range of premium fans with superior finish options like Wood Finish, Metallic and 100% Aluminium and high grade ABS blade options to complement the luxurious ambience of your home.


Whether you like matte, metallic, glossy or dual tone finishes, here’s a range of premium fans with top of the grid performance and high air delivery that truly bring out the beauty of your stylish home.


A touch of elegance with superior paint finish, here’s a range of fans built with a motor so strong that your home is always breezy with high speed air circulation.

Classic Range

Available in single and two tone colour shades, this range is designed with your personal taste in mind. What’s more, metallic and non-metallic finishes further add to the glamour of these fans.


With high-grade aluminium blades and superior anti-rust finish, here’s a range of high speed fans that is the perfect balance of design and performance.


Available in both plastic and metallic finishes, here’s a premium and powerful range of fans built with superior air technology for any space of your home.

Fan Range

Superior air delivery has never looked better with the modern designs of these fans.


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