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At Luminous, we believe great design is not just about how a product looks but also about how efficiently it works. This year, we are taking a leap ahead to revolutionize the world of fans by bringing energy efficiency to the forefront. These fans are not just a delight to look at but enable energy savings too. This means, while your electricity bill is reduced, you also lower your carbon footprint.

In addition to this, we are bringing forth a beautiful range of noiseless fans with refreshingly new designs. The unique aerodynamics of the blades enable silent operation to help you experience pin drop silence offering easy relaxation. Luminous Fans have been delighting consumers with innovation in design and technology for decades.

Our operations span more than 36 countries with an employee base of 6,000. More than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers have trusted us over the years, and the tribe keeps growing.

What is a ceiling fan?

  • A ceiling fan is a fan suspended from the ceiling of a room, fitted with a set of blades to circulate air in the room. A ceiling fan rotates slower than a portable fan.
  • It cools effectively by introducing movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a room. Fans never actually cool the air but cause cooling due to evaporation of perspiration.

Utility Range – The Luminous Advantage 

  • Luminous fans have all 3 parts – Blades, Top Cover and Bottom Cover in Aluminium.
  • Luminous uses more copper wire and thicker gauge of copper wire than other utility fans which makes the fans more durable.
  • The superior strength of a Luminous motor can drive deeper angled blades to deliver higher air delivery and more air spread.
  • Because of higher copper content leading to better efficiency of the motor and due to the aluminium covers, temperature rise of Luminous Utility Fans is the lowest out of all brands.
  • Luminous Rapid Chest White 1.2M (1200MM) is a high speed ceiling fan. Its motor is designed for minimum temperature rise and longer life and has Hi - gloss durable paint finish.

Designer Fans – Unique Designs and Processes 

  • Luminous has the biggest range of designer fans available in the country, this range has never seen before designs and some design processes unique to Luminous
  • Jaipur Minakari and Jaipur Sanganeri by Luminous are made using a special process of Tin Printing which is inspired by Traditional Rajasthani art forms of Minakari and Sanganeri
  • Jaipur Mahal, Jaipur Ghoomar, Jaipur Bandhej and London Windsor by Luminous are made using a special process of foil printing that adds glamour to traditional design models
  • Rio Carnival and Rio Cabana by Luminous use a special Aqua Transfer process which gives these 2 models their unique design.

BEE 3* Designer Energy Saving Fans 

  • Luminous has taken a leap ahead to revolutionize the world of fans by bringing energy efficiency to the fore. These fans are a delight to look at and consume 40% to 50% less power. This means your electricity bills will get slashed considerably.
  • Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar Makrana White 1.2M (1200MM) gives high air delivery. It artistically crafted motor design with traditional Indian filigree art adds glamour to your room.

Silent Fans Range – Whisper Series 

  • Luminous has bring forth a beautiful range of noiseless fans with refreshing designs. The unique designs of the blades enable quiet operation to help you experience pin-drop silence with easy relaxation. These fans have modern designs, high air delivery, and energy-efficiency.
  • New York Chelsea is the most silent fan in India. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this fan is also energy efficient, consuming 40% less power. These noiseless fans give you everything that you desire in a ceiling fan.

As different ceiling fans have different features, you must understand which model should be apt for your requirements. For example, using a fan with an LED light in an ill-lit room would be a smart decision.

  • Compare and contrast the motor size and blade pitch of each model. The motor is the most significant part of the fan, so if you're going to spend a lot of money, you'll want to acquire a high-quality fan motor. The higher the blade pitch, the more air the fan will move.
  • Take into consideration the space size and the way the area will be used when looking at a fan. In a tiny bedroom, for example, a larger fan may not be necessary.
  • Ceiling fan designs have grown manifold, with manufacturers generating nearly as individualized designs as one-of-a-kind. Fans are available in solid finishes and styles, allowing customers to choose blades that match their taste, as well as varying widths and colours. The ceiling fan is no longer thought of as merely an appliance, as it was in the past. Over the last decade, there has been a significant surge in the use of fans as part of home décor.
  • A ceiling fan may often create a striking aesthetic statement inside a living space, becoming a focal point of the room's decor. To address the market demand for ceiling fans that combine with personal style, we regularly examine current trends.
  • Ceiling fans come in an array of sizes to fit any room. However, when it comes to fan selection, homeowners are no longer limited by the size of the space. Certain classic-sized fans may be a better fit for those smaller locations depending on airflow requirements and overall aesthetics.