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Buy High Performance Ceiling Fans Online

Worried about the increasing electricity bills? Introducing the range of energy-efficient fans for your homes that will help keep high electricity bills at bay. Fans account for almost a quarter of the household electricity consumption. The service value of fans, which includes air delivery and power consumption, is used for calculating energy efficiency. Energy-efficient fans with a 3-star or 5-star rating save 40 to 50 per cent more energy than regular ceiling fans. As a result, star-rated fans not only consume less energy but also deliver more air. They also meet the requirements of the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star rating system.

Benefits Of Using the Energy-Efficient Fans:

Installing ceiling fans in the rooms where you spend most of your time is a wonderful way to start lowering your energy bills. The air conditioners in your homes consume a lot of electricity and costs a lot. Energy efficient ceiling fans, on the other hand, are lighter on your pocket both at the time of purchase as well as during usage.

While you may have a working ceiling fan in your house, replacing it with a new indoor fan assures that you are using the most energy-efficient model available. Ceiling fans that are newer make use of advancements in materials, technology, and efficiency to help keep your home cool while also maximising energy efficiency.

Performance Range by Luminous -

Superior paint finish adds a touch of class to this range. Built with a strong motor and high-grade Aluminium blades that are aerodynamically balanced, these fans are designed to delight.

Hi Air Metallic Fans -

The elegance of the majestic metallic finish is the showstopper that elevates your home décor.This Luminous Hi Air Metallic fan is powered by an energy-efficient motor that consumes 40% less power coupled with High-Air delivery. ● BEE 3* Rated ● 40% Energy Saving ● Low Noise ● High-Air Delivery ● Bigger motor with a sophisticated metallic finish
Available in Metallic White, Truffle Brown and Pearl Ivory.

Hi Air Dessert Storm Fans -

Desert Storm is the master of swift air delivery and spectacular performance. Bring home the Highest Air Delivery Fan in the industry. Wider and longer blade for more spread of air ● Best air delivery in the industry ● Bigger motor size ● Clean sophisticated looks.
Available in Mint White and Cedar Brown.

Hi Air Plus Fans -

Classic design with clean, sophisticated looks and an energy-efficient motor. This Luminous Hi Air Plus fan is powered by an energy-efficient motor that consumes 30% less power.
Available in Matt Brown, White and Ivory.

Hi Air Classic Fans -

A high-performance fan powered by a stronger motor to give high speed & high air delivery. Stronger motor ● Better air delivery ● Bigger motor size ● Clean sophisticated looks
Available in Ivory, Cedar Brown and Mint White.

Rapid Pro -

BEE 3 Star Rated energy-efficient fan consumes 40% less power paired with the performance of a High Speed fan. BEE 3 Star Rated ● 40% Energy Saving ● High-Speed ● Clean Sophisticated Looks.
Available in Chest White, Honey Gold and Cherry Red.

Pulse 45 -

BEE 2 Star Rated energy-efficient fan consumes 40% less power paired with the performance of a High-Speed fan. ● BEE 2 Star Rated ● 40% Energy Saving ● High-Speed ● Clean Sophisticated Looks.
This Luminous Pulse 45 fan is available in Cedar Brown, Ivory and White.

Star 45 -

An energy-efficient fan that takes care of your electricity bill. More saving, low power consumption ● Aluminium fan for all terrains ● Great looks with long-lasting powder coating finish.
This Luminous Star 45 Fan available in Brown, Ivory and Velvet Brown.

Ceiling fans are a necessity for homes since they help to circulate and distribute the air in the space properly. The revolving fan blades, in essence, create a wind-chill effect, which makes a space feel cooler. Experts say that using a ceiling fan to lower the room temperature is so effective that you can decrease your thermostat by 4 degrees without noticing a difference in comfort.

Luminous offer a wide range of energy saving ceiling fans. Luminous energy efficient ceiling fan features BLDC technology motor that uses extremely less energy. It can minimise power consumption by up to 60%. In addition, ceiling fans that save energy are precisely built to endure longer than usual. Energy conservation and cost savings are two of the most significant advantages of energy-efficient ceiling fans.

With the goal of integrating efficiency into the Indian home, Luminous has created the country's biggest line of designer energy-efficient fans. Our creative designs and technology have helped us serve 11 million customers.