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Buy Smart Fans for Home Online

Have you encountered that dreaded moment when you are comfortable tucked in your sofa, binge watching your favourite TV series, but are forced to break the moment in order to get up and increase/decrease the speed of the fan? Disappointing isn’t it!

Well, we hate to disappoint. As the world of technology has changed, so have ceiling fans – they have become smart, much like other household appliances.

At Luminous, we have developed a range of smart ceiling fans using cutting-edge technologies. Our range of smart fans ensure improved control options backed with IoT. With our range of smart ceiling fans, controlling the environment in your home is as easy as saying – Alexa, turn ON the drawing room fan.

Now, isn’t this cool! You can now own a smart ceiling fan that you can control not just manually, but also from your mobile phone or remote or Alexa.

Understanding Smart Fans

Smart ceiling fans are similar to standard ceiling fans, but they are equipped with Smart Fan Intelligent Controller that works on the Internet of Things (IoT), making it possible for the fan to interface with other devices such as Bluetooth, WiFi and smartphones.

Here are a few characteristics of a smart ceiling fans that makes it distinguishable from the regular ceiling fans:

  • IOT Enabled: The IOT fan can be operated via Remote and Luminous SmartLife Mobile App. It is compatible with the latest VUI (Voice User Interface) and can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa.
  • Multi User Access – Multi user access to operate single fan by many users
  • High Air Delivery – 20% additional copper ensures maximum comfort with optimum air delivery of 230 CMM along with 5 level speed control
  • Hi – Speed – Special 12 pole motor for high speed of 380 RPM.
  • New Age Design – Vintage style in latest technology with a fusion model
  • Aluminium Blades – Stronger and Wider aluminium blades ensures ample cooling
  • Warranty - 2 Years on manufacturing defects

How to Control The Smart Ceiling Fans?

Always remember that a traditional ceiling fan requires you to get out of bed and turn the switch ON/OFF. Smart ceiling fans, on the other hand, require Wi-Fi, that helps send instruction to the cloud and enables you to use it either through remote or app or alexa. Having this connectivity you may control your smart fan in the following ways:

  • Voice command through Alexa
  • Remote control with infrared technology
  • Timer or Scheduler on Alexa App

What Makes the Difference In Prices Of Smart Fans?

If you choose something on the lower end, expect a lesser build quality, unstable apps, a less sophisticated app experience, and possibly worse customer assistance. We recommend you make a good and a long-time investment with Luminous smart ceiling fans.

At Luminous, our range of smart fan price in India is highly affordable. However, the smart ceiling fan price depends on the specific features.

Smart ceiling fans have recently grown a lot more modern and sophisticated, in addition to being quite efficient with our modern lifestyle. Instead of wasting energy by having your fans on all day while you're out, using smart ceiling fans with new-age functions seems like a smart idea. So, enjoy better air quality, breathe good and enjoy smart features with our range of smart ceiling fans in India, today!