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Beautiful Ceiling Fans for Home

1. What size ceiling fan do I need?

The size of the ceiling fan depends mostly on the area of your room, is it indoors or outdoors, and how high the ceiling is. You should analyze your needs before selecting the right ceiling fan.

2. How do ceiling fans cool a room?

Unlike air-conditioning, a ceiling fan doesn’t make the air in a room or space cooler. Instead, the fan cools the occupants in it. The breeze from an appropriately sized and placed ceiling fan cools occupants by disrupting the stagnant layer of air that surrounds the body, preventing heat loss. The removal of that insulating layer of air increases a body’s heat loss to make it feel cooler.

3. How much do they cost?

The Luminous Utility range is pocket-friendly and ranges between Rs. 1000-Rs. 3000. These fans deliver a high speed and a low noise output.

4. Do Luminous fans save energy?

Yes, all Luminous fans save energy.

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